Thursday, July 31, 2008

U.S. Economy continues to Grow

USA Economy continues to Grow

The media continues to buffalo the public

USAtoday does show the 2nd Quarter 2008 growth, almost double the 1st Quarter, but feels compelled to paint it in a negative light. What gives?

Lets say that you are not happy with the present administration and, you want to help give them the boot. One approach would be to downplay any positive news. In fact, depending on your news source, you might still hear ignorant newscasters calling this a recession.

There ain't no recession

Martha Stewart meet Dan Hanlon

Martha Stewart meet Dan Hanlon

Dan Hanlon, likewise, meet Martha Stewart

As you may know, both these business gurus preach finding and hiring the "A team" when it comes to talent. You should also know that I no longer use employees. For a lot of reasons. One that I attribute to my dad, Myron 'Sonny' Kinsey that he borrowed from W. Edwards Deming: everyone in the company should make the same amount of money.

I know, that is not 100% accurate

Close enough. And a very tough thing to accomplish in the traditional employer-employee environment. My solution: partner with like minded experts... or use sub-contractors.

I need a video guru for some interesting projects... most of my readers know that I am excited about big brother's new operating "system"... it is the single biggest factor (IMNSHO) for the growth of Apple Mac sales. But I digress.

If you have what it takes to help make Rhino Island Media a household name and you live within a 'reasonable' distance of Dover, Ohio, I want to see your resume.



P.S. Please, no phone calls.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, GM

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Make a Decision

Purple Curve Effect :: SKI's Throughput on Command

Ever heard that advice before?

Make a decision

Every day that I get older (which so far, seems to be most every day!), this small piece of advice rings true. In business and life. At work or at home. Rain or shine.

Before I made "the decision" it always bothered me when others used it. Someone somewhere would accomplish something noteworthy, and when confronted for details, would enthusiastically respond, "Well, first, I made a decision to just do it."

Sounds to simple to be effective. Of course that does not change the fact that it can be that simple. Again, "simple" does not imply "easy" or without effort. As I roll out Rhino Island Media (with our first shoot tomorrow), there have been numerous chances to fold up the tent and look for easier ways to make a profit AND to make a difference in the world.

Not gonna happen

Staying the course is important. Especially when you witness the hand actually writing on the wall. As is the case this moment in time, as businesses rush to video to share their message with customers (prospects and even suspects). Broadband (aka high speed) internet access is now here for most every business in America. My short term goal or marketplace.

In 2004 I was in the right place at the right time to leverage (and to profit from) the rush to the American Custom Motorcycle, but allowed a few obstacles to cloud my judgment. Plus, the "profit" motive was not high on my list of priorities.

Today, profit comes first

There is no "changing the world" without resources. If, like one of my heroes Bono, you have the resources afforded from international frame, it can be done. Just look at (RED). Or (from financial wealth) Warren Buffet's charitable contributions. Or the ultimate personal sacrifice by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., giving his life to advance civil rights.

Make a Decision

Much like when in November 2000, I made the decision to launch TOCreview magazine to further Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt's Constraints Management methodology (again, without a focus on profits), I have made a decision.

Rhino Island Media will become a provider of Internet Video. Why put my neck on the chopping block? I have the secret weapon. One that I have shared repeatedly since April 2004.

Purple Curve Effect — SKI's Throughput on Command

I have a Dream

Next step: make it come true. How? Simple. But not easy. Bought the book Purple Curve Effect (I gave myself a discount, but just for you, I have lowered the price to just $14.00USD!). Read the book. Yea, there are a lot of people who buy books and never read them. That really hinders the learning process. Finally, apply the book. Then, (you guessed it!) MAKE A DECISION to make your dream come true.

Need help? Call me. Right after you finish reading my book. Please do not call one minute before you finish. I am unable to help if you do not have my framework of references.


P.S. Are you getting the sense that I believe buying, reading and applying my book is a good thing? I hope so!

P.P.S. Just one example of producing results: Got Results?

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey
+1 330.432.3533

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ever use fetchmail?

Eric S Raymond

This is another great book

Circa 1997 I was managing the IT/IS for a small business, and we needed a good solution for email. So my searches led me to Raymond's "fetchmail" program. Which ultimately led me to this book (copyright 1999). Again, like Bob Young's book on Red Hat, this is not a book for techies. Not entirely.

It is all about business and business models, like the one Raymond was testing with fetchmail. A model based on the one Linus Torvalds used for the Linux operating system.

I remember that I had bought a used Sun workstation for use as the mail server and fetchmail was the final ingredient to address the challenges of a mixed PC, Apple Mac environment and a lousy local ISP. In 1997 the PC did not play all that well with others. But I digress...

In Raymond's essay, "The Cathedral and the Bazaar", he touches on many of the principals that make business exciting and concepts that make breakthroughs possible. Like item two:
"Good programmers know what to write,
Great ones know what to rewrite (and reuse)"

Much like my tip, "Find a working model and steal it!" As I have stated on many occasions, the Open Source Software (OSS) model is not just for software. Business leaders would do well to study it at some length. It is just one way to add Colonel John Boyd's OODA Loop to your tactics and execution toolbox.


P.S. I assume that you have read Bob Young's book...

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Magic of Thinking BIG

The Magic of Thinking Big

Now available on CD-ROM...

Who knew? I have several books on my iPod, but only own the print version of this best seller. What was the nugget I found this morning over coffee with David J. Schwatrz, PhD.? You know him: the author of The Magic of Thinking Big. In truth, I had coffee with him by reading his book... he was not there physically.

"Build a 'Sell Yourself to Yourself' commercial"

Then, play it every day. At least once a day. The more the obstacles to your vision take center stage, the more plays that will be required!

Having made some breakthroughs in business, and realizing that there are less years ahead than behind, reality would suggest that I have at least one more significant success sstory to write. Today, for me, I am excited about the potential for Rhino Island Media to make a difference in the world of business.

This book was a great reminder that most of the conditions required for success are within my control (or my span of influence).

That's the good news.

It is also the bad news.


P.S. Do you have a message for the small business owner? Call me.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

ideaVirus unleashed

Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin

As we roll out Rhino Island Media...

Time to revisit this classic by one of the most respected minds in marketing. Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin. Which I did over coffee this morning. And with the power of the new "Notes" app on version 2.0 of my iPod touch I was able to capture this nugget:
"find a vacuum"
In other words, want success faster? As we learned in Physics 101, nature abhors a vacuum! Something (everything!) will rush to fill it. So, with Rhino Island Media, I am seeking to define the business model in terms of the void it fills. Not an easy task.

If marketing were easy, every starry-eyed college student would be pursuing a degree in marketing...

As I was telling a client this past week, I am a Godin fan, or at least a 51% fan. His book, The Dip, was exceptional. Ideavirus hits about a 5 on the scale of 1 to 10 (for me, today). But, I am always looking to find that nugget that makes most every business book of value. And when you need the answer to a question that is making you crazy, the larger your library, the easier to find a great solution. And so it was this morning.

Vacuums as a business models

"If you can fill a vacuum aggressively and
permanently, it is far easier to extract money..."
— Seth Godin

Look at the iPod. And how Steve Jobs made money by converting illegal music downloads to legitimate purchases. But again, I am getting off topic. Easy to do when one's passion is running wild on a new adventure.

As I shared, Rhino Island Media is a significant part of the puzzle for me. The ability to permanently capture content is a component of creating wealth. Think Desi Arnaz. Legend suggests he requested (and received with a laugh) the rights to "I Love Lucy" once an episode had aired. Simply brilliant.

From my vantage point, there are two vacuums to address: first, the creation of video that does not suck. Most all of us have been given a link to an exciting video only to be disappointed by the quality of the images or the audio or both. As one colleague suggests, there are those that want to brag about how bad the production values are on their final product! How wrong.

Second, there is a huge vacuum of legitimate content for the entrepreneur or small business owner struggling against "today's" biggest fire. Like a lost client that represents over 25% of your revenue stream. Or that bogus lawsuit. Or 200% employee turnover in a key department... by the way, if a department is not a "key" department, why staff it? But I digress.

Look for Rhino Island Media to make a difference.


P.S. Do you have content aimed directly at the small business owner? Call me.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
+1 330.432.3533


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No More Price Wars

As a consumer, I have mixed emotions... But as a business owner and consultant to other entrepreneurs, this brief clip tells all: Do not start a Price War! Why? No one wins. Competing on price alone will help speed the process whereby you find yourself "out of business" rather than just competing to stay in business. So, what do you do? Great question! And the beginning of wisdom beyond one's years (asking for help). You call me. As I explained in Purple Curve Effect, every business faces real problems. I also tried to point out that there are right and wrong answers... in fact, your perfect answer is "out there" somewhere, if you are willing to spend the time to find it. Want to find it sooner rather than later? I know, most of us would rather put our ear to the ground than ask for directions! Or help. Good for you. That will show your family (and employees) your sharp business senses. Right up to the point where you close the doors. Look, I have been there... done that... and still have a few of the shirts in my closet!
  • Do you consult with an accounting firm?
  • Clean your own offices?
  • Landscape your grounds?
So why assume that you must figure out how to compete on your own?
Purple Curve Effect Tenet #1 Get the facts before committing
-ski P.S. Did I mention the PDF of Purple Curve Effect is FREE? Or that you may purchase the paperback for just $14.00USD from Goldratt Marketing Group? ---- Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah +1 330.432.3533 tag: ©2008 LLC. All rights reserved.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ice Cream for Bob Nardelli

Bob Nardelli promotes The Ice Cream Maker by Subir Chowdhury

Another "Must Read" for business

Bob Nardelli of Chrysler LLC promotes The Ice Cream Maker by Subir Chowdhury

This book opened my eyes to something that I have been preaching since discovering W. Edwards Deming: the guy or gal on the production floor has answers for the very questions (tough, demanding questions!) senior managers are debating in the board room.

Yes, opened my eyes... and I have been vigilant in recital of this important fact. So why so little respect for this concept? My words seem to be going in one ear and out the other of most of my clients. Remember in the 1980s when CEOs had to have a computer on their desk simply because the other CEOs had one?

Reminds me of raising children, "But dad, all the other kids can stay out until 2am!" Wrong. And it was just as wrong for CEOs to use this grade school excuse. The nugget (for me) in Chowdhury's book:
"The real measure of performance is not how you do
at your best, but how you do at your worst."

Note to Nardelli (and myself): if they do not READ the book, APPLY the material, and LIVE the material, fire 'em! Surely you remember sitting at Jack's right hand, living through the "fire the bottom 10%" tirades!

But wait a minute. I can hear some of you say, "But SKI, you are constantly reminding us that layoffs are never acceptable!" True. Darn it. Trapped by my own dogma. Disregard that "fire 'em" comment.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And so it was with The Ice Cream Maker although it covers a lot of the material in my book, Purple Curve Effect. And yet I learned a thing or two in addition to having it serve as a reminder that there is always more to do.

Businesses are complex entities. Requiring careful handling and feeding. Chowdhury's book is a welcome addition to my library. My thanks to Bob Nardelli for bringing it to my attention. Allow me to return the favor: you need to BUY, READ, and APPLY my book. Then, if you understand the synergy it provides, recommend it to your fellow employees. Bulk discount available (my way of trying to help you cut costs!).


P.S. My book is also available (slightly used) on amazon dot com (which is how I bought this book).

P.P.S. Is there any way to get a piece of equity in Chrysler LLC? Just wondering...

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Thanks Todd Going through some boxes the other day, I ran across a marketing plan from 1999. So last century... but guess what: Marketing is still marketing. One of the lessons of the "dot com meltdown" adventure: some fundamental laws of business 101 were ignored. But I digress. I need some volunteers... business owners that would like to participate in an experiment along the lines of this great branding video. For a new adventure at Rhino Island Media on Friday, August 1st in New Philadelphia, Ohio. One requirement: you must have read my book, Purple Curve Effect. -ski P.S. The PDF is available for free... ---- Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey +1 330.432.3533 tag: ©2008 LLC. All rights reserved.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Red Rock Cruise :: Las Vegas

Great trek for Motorcycles

Hardly seems like two years have come and gone! This time in July of 2006, I was making this trek on a Buell Firebolt on many a Saturday and/or Sunday. I lived in Henderson, near the Green Valley Ranch Station Casino, so on weekends we would meet there and cruise over to Red Rock Station Casino for the best breakfast in town!

Blasting through the beautiful Red Rock Canyon.

Here is a flickr photo stream of one such adventure...

Both Harley-Davidson and BMW (and others) rent motorcycles to those with proper endorsements on their driver's license... so no need to trailer your bike out to Vegas. And yes, at 110 degrees, it is hot in the desert on a motorcycle. I loved to make an early morning run before the sun was up... when you might actually need a jacket!


P.S. Having trouble with throughput in your Vegas based biz? I am available!

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PR on Internet Dough

Press Release on eBook Internet Dough

Press Release on Don Philabaum
Author of Internet Dough

What is your internet strategy for your business?

Check out and the latest PR on this great eBook.

Disclaimer: Don Philabaum is a client of vBuzz dot org

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USA Manufacturing: Welcome back

Welcome back USA Manufacturing

Great headline...

Should help sell magazines. But many of us have been blowing this horn for some time.

For a lot of reasons, but now, with petroleum prices out of whack (and mostly due to the weak dollar!), others including IndustryWeek are covering the obvious.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Martha Stewart Rules

This a very good book

On Friday, I started reading this book that I found for a buck (see link) and was pleasantly surprised. I finished it this morning over coffee. At first, I thought it was good. But upon reflection, I must admit that it is very good.

As I mentioned in my brief review on facebook, Martha Stewart covers my seven tips for business owners (or would be entrepreneurs) in different sections of her book. I am not suggesting that she borrowed any of my material (although my book was after all, first to press)... just that certain components are key building blocks.

Like hiring the A-Team

No, not Colonel Hannibal Smith and Howling Mad Murdock (et al) from that very entertaining TV series. No, the "A-Team" as in the best people for the job. One distinction that I make: I no longer hire employees. Since 1998, my A-Team are either partners or subcontractors. But I digress...

This book is worth a quick read. Or two.

And if you bump into Martha, suggest she pick up a copy of my book.


P.S. Oh yea, she is big on mentoring as well!

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
+1 330.432.3533


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Greening Trade Shows

Please help me welcome guest blogger, Sherri Akers, as she shares a message concerning the "greening" of trade shows. LLC is pleased to draw attention to this cause. The Greening of Trade Shows As a veteran of decades of trade shows, I am painfully aware of the waste involved. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, trade shows and conventions represent the second most wasteful industry in the United States. I’ve recently had the pleasure of learning about two organizations making great strides to change this. The main sources of trade show waste are:
  • Left over show publications - there’s no outbound shipping for those materials and no one’s responsible to come pick it up
  • Exhibit hall meals - everything gets thrown away and food is not even considered to be taken to the pig farm where they feed pigs hotel food
  • Shows don’t consider hanging signs and banners as recyclable
  • 500,000 pounds of plastic badges are used in Vegas alone every year without getting reused or recycled
Zachary Delbex-Smith has founded Greener Vegas, a consultancy and referral service to help trade shows clean up responsibly. Greener Vegas' goal is to raise community awareness of recycling initiatives already being conducted by businesses in Las Vegas, and to facilitate more of these initiatives by providing consulting and limited recycling services. So far this year... Greener Vegas has recycled 575,674 lbs of paper which has saved:
  • 4,893 trees (~19.6 Acres)
  • 1,989 Barrels of Oil (~38,779 Gallons of Gasoline)
  • 2,014,859 Gallons of Water (~8.1 Olympic swimming pools)
  • 1,151,348 Kilowatts of Energy (Enough to power 129 homes for a year)
The service is basically free. The Las Vegas Convention Center has off-source collecting and sorting, but that means an entire other step of trash hauling and re-separating what’s already been separated. In May of this year, I attended the Chicago Green Festival and the Co-Op America Green Business Conference. Both events were managed by Seven-Stars. Their focus is on landfill redirection – everything is either composted, recycled or reused – very little is thrown away. In fact, they average a 93% landfill diversion rate. You’ll hear a lot more about Seven-Stars in the near future as they will be managing the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Their menu of services includes:
  • On site power alternative power generation
  • Carbon Offsets based on ISO Certified Restoration Projects
  • On site waste diversion management and execution including composting to local farms
  • Product replacement with eco friendly options, including biodegradable kitchenware for food and beverage service
Trust me – in no way did it feel as though the accommodations had been downgraded. Seven-Stars has over ten years experience in the creation of the most successful green events in the trade, entertainment, conference and exposition industry. They bring a higher level of environmental and social responsibility to this industry, while simultaneously improving long term financial performance for the executive producer, venue and clients. One look at the client list on their web site will convince you that this is the way of the future. I attended a Green Expo in Los Angeles where business cards weren’t exchanged – instead each booth had a bar code reader and they simply read your badge to load it into their files. In a few years we’ll look back at our old practices with dismay...
"Just as we would not consider tossing litter on the street today, the idea of a trade show that generates massive waste will be inconceivable!"
Sherri Akers Independent Consultant Revenge Is LLC

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What results are you looking for?

Jeff SKI Kinsey, author, Purple Curve Effect

Great question

Via a connection of a connection, I met a "Book Marketing Strategist" and after exchanging a few pleasantries, I asked what and how he does what he does. He comes back with some insights and the $64 question:

"What results are you looking for?"

World Peace

Sorry, could not resist. However, before you discount that remark as, "There he goes again, SKI being the class clown." It is also true. Les Brown says we rarely aim high enough. I do not make that mistake very often.

In the shorter term, I want to help business owners that have no idea where to turn for help. See, I have been there on more than one occasion. As a serial entrepreneur, that feeling of frustration (if not fear) takes hold and it is easy to become depressed. To withdraw... which is the exact opposite action required at that moment.

My seven tips (in Purple Curve Effect) for success are real. They work. Every time. You simply must be willing to put forth the effort. Remember that great tag line (and movie): "Batteries not included"?

Purple Curve Effect comes with everything except the elbow grease. Well, you also have to provide your vision. Or goal. Or as some call it: the Mission Statement. If the reader has a dream, and is willing to read my book, and apply the effort required, results must occur. Yea, that 'effort' thing keeps coming up... large or small. Whatever it takes. Within legal and moral bounds. But I digress...

So, mister Strategist, here is the answer to your query:
  • World Peace (by the year 2012)
  • LLC offices staffed full time in Ft. Lauderdale (2011)
  • LLC offices staffed full time in Las Vegas, NV (2010)
  • LLC offices staffed full time on Hilton Head Island, SC (2009)
  • Full Schedule (6+ months) of Consulting Assignments (November 30, 2008)
  • Purple Curve Effect (Revised Edition) on the Best Sellers lists (October 31, 2008)
  • Complete 2nd Revised Edition of Purple Curve Effect (July 31, 2008)

Too much information? I hope not. But he asked, and I wanted to be clear as well as to put it out there for all to see. If I am successful, it will be a direct result of the methods that I preach. And the effort that I was willing to expend. If I fail, there could be any number of reasons, but it will not be the fault of the material in my book. I have seen this material work day in and day out in all sorts of environments. Failure would most likely be caused by lack of effort. As an aside, it takes almost no money to achieve these goals. At least not to make the first one happen. Which helps to begat the second, which helps fund the third and so forth... that is the beauty of the American free enterprise system. Any one, regardless of race, sex, creed or religion can start a business, write a book, or run for the highest office.

Those faithful readers of this blog know the fourth tip (from my book): Involve others

A small cast of colleagues have been instrumental in helping me get this far... but today, I turn to a new player. The book marketing strategist. And make a renewed call to my readers that if you have yet to purchase my book, now is the time.
In fact, I am now offering the first edition PDF of Purple Curve Effect for FREE!
Download Purple Curve Effect

The paperback of Purple Curve Effect (first edition) for just fourteen bucks ($14.00USD; plus $3 shipping and handling) on google checkout:

If you know a business owner with their back to the wall, please ask them to contact me. I can help.


P.S. If you recently paid for the PDF, I will sell you the paperback version for just $10.00USD (plus S&H)... as my attempt to say thank you. Just email me. Be sure to include a mailing address. I trust you.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
+1 330.432.3533


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Dodge Challenger Challenge

This exact car on Display

As you may recall, Sunday is "dream building day", but a lot of automobile dealer showrooms are closed today. So, when I heard a dealer had this baby on premise awaiting delivery to the proud owner, I had to make a special trek on Saturday.

I was pleasantly surprised

First, by the fact that my wife liked it too! Second by the color: Hemi® Orange Pearl. With racing stripe (of sorts) down the hood. The interior was also very inviting. I have owned several cars with leather interiors, and the Plymouth PT Cruiser Limited Edition had the nicest. This is very close. By the way, I like to say that I did not buy the new GTO because the leather interior felt more like sandpaper than a seat covering material! But too be honest, the GTO is close, but just no cigar... and no comparison to the new Dodge Challenger. Which, for my money, is more like the Plymouth 'Cuda (but since they killed off Plymouth, guess that had to call it a Challenger).

Here is my Dodge Challenger Challenge: Go see one "live and in person".

Why? The photos do not do it justice. Much like the Dodge Viper. When the Viper was introduced, I was intrigued, but not impressed. Until I saw that low lean body in person for myself. You owe it to yourself to do likewise with this Hemi® powered beast.

Let me know what you think.


P.S. And to think, we thought 1969 was the best year for the American Muscle Car!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Martha Stewart on Passion

Martha Stewart Rules

What does a buck buy?

Success? Sure, if like me, you stop in your "everything for buck" type store. That is where I found this great book by one of my mentors. In fact in our book, Purple Curve Effect, Thayer Bennett (my editor, mentor, friend and co-author) and I debated using Martha Stewart as an example. In fact, here is part of that debate (from December 2003):

SKI and Thayer debate using Martha Stewart

This book by Stewart (having just bought the book, I have only read up to and through the first chapter) shares a lot of great insight. In fact, she got the idea for the book while in prison! FYI, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. (MSO) market capitalization is approximately $361mm today. Well off its high (pre scandal), but what stock is not!

Chapter One: What's Passion got to do with it?

Although not giving Tina Turner any credit (What's Love got to do with it?), Stewart hits a huge home run with the very first chapter. Tempted to take the day off to finish the book, common sense won out. However, being Friday, I may take the book with me on a ride and finish it at Starbucks® after lunch...

My point: Martha Stewart deserves respect for her accomplishments. This book provides some great insight. A more complete review once I finish it, however, I will flat-guarantee you the first 23 pages are "must read" material for entrepreneurs.


Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
+1 330.432.3533

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

MP3 available from interview

Great interview by Carol Dickson-Carr
of author, Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey

On Focus and the Purple Curve Effect

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Catch SKI on blogTalkRadio

Event: Process Improvement Strategies

What: Informational Meeting

Host: Six Sigma Coaching & Marketing Guru: Carol Dickson-Carr

Guest: Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

When: Wednesday, July 9 at 1:00pm (CDT)


Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

One of many all time favorites:
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

This is one of those films that if you are not into motorcycles, you may not appreciate... even if you are into the bike scene, you still might not like it!

At least it has a lot more riding than "Then Came Bronson"... but that is not saying much.

$64 question: What is the throughput lesson?


There are a lot great lines in this movie (caution: it is rated "R" for several reasons), like in the diner when Virgina says to Harley that she envies Harley and Marlboro's life style of carefree living. However, rather than carefree (or careless) I might suggest that they have simply learned a valuable lesson: life is the journey, not the destination!

In the current issue of Success magazine (yes, this edition) there is an article on Coach John Wooden. It is (in no small part) about mentoring. Again, well worth the cover price.

I have always seen a lot of myself in Mickey Rourke's character (Harley Davidson) in this movie. For too many reasons to list! His best friend Marlboro (played to the max by Don Johnson) is constantly mentoring him. Much like my best friend.

Well, Coach Wooden likes to point out that we can be mentored by most anyone almost anywhere. See that kid with all the tattoos on the Harley? As he dismounts his chrome steed, he bends over and picks up several pieces of trash obviously left by someone else... which begs the question, can you do likewise? Should you?

I love to mentor. Mostly because I love learning. If you are not learning you are dying. To me, it is that simple. What are you good at? Share it with the world. Share it with my readers. Send me a blog post... the more related to throughput, the more likely I will post it. Better yet, here is the challenge:

Tell me (and my readers) your favorite mentorship story...


Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
+1 330.432.3533


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Monday, July 07, 2008

Do you own Purple Curve Effect?

A Black Rhino walks into the local coffee shop Looks around, and says, "Tall decaf." To which the barista remarks, "Room for cream?" Well, that was just the spark needed to light the powder keg. The rhino starts charging around the coffee shop, planting his horn on most every table and chair in the place, flipping them around like match sticks. While this is going on, I am sitting quietly in the large comfortable chair in the corner, listening to Dylan on my iPod (Things have Changed), sipping my coffee (tall, decaf) and reading my book, "Purple Curve Effect — SKI's Throughput on Command"... Finally, the rhino settles and simply says, "Black." That is the exact moment that it occurs to me, I have not required people to read my book before agreeing to help. There is at least one person reading this (honest, at least one! Seriously...) and wondering out loud, "How did the charging rhino trigger that thought!" Well, Mr. Rhino comes in every afternoon around three o'clock for a tall decaf coffee. He used to ask what variety of coffee was available, hoping against hope (like me!) that it would be Verona. But now that the house brew was the only brew, he matter of factly ordered a "tall decaf." You also need to know that the barista working today works at least three if not four days a week. Almost always the same shift. In other words, he has waited on this customer many times in the last couple of months. Always the same order, and always without cream.
Here is the heart of the matter: the barista treated the rhino like a number.
And, well, rhino's in general have a short fuse. Doesn't make him right, but it helps to explain the reaction. But again, it was the barista's inattention to details that sparked the explosion. How are you not paying attention? Purple Curve Effect is about results. About generating almost infinite throughput (read: money in your pockets). About getting over the tired expression, "well, that is the way we have always done it." And that my friend, is why people always get what they have always got... For just three bucks ($3) you can get the Purple Curve Effect in a PDF. Or the paperback for $19.95 plus shipping and handling. Consider the book a slap in the face of complacency. Buy the book. Then, against all reason, READ it! It is a road map for generating results. Warning: It could change your life. -ski P.S. Buy it now from SKI, Goldratt Marketing Group, or Amazon dot com P.P.S. Once you have read it, please review it on Amazon. P.P.P.S. Also, once you have read it, if you want some help, call me. ---- Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah +1 330.432.3533 tag: ©2008 LLC. All rights reserved.

Move America Forward

Please help me welcome guest blogger, Les Martin, as he shares a personal message concerning Move America Forward. Note, this forum is not a political podium. This brief message is simply a call for action to support our troops. Nothing more. We have always drawn attention to this cause.

SKI asked me why I am involved in and I want to thank him for the opportunity to express myself and share my story.

Last week I was listening to talk show host Rush Limbaugh and in one of his monologues he mentioned that he was supporting Move America Forward (MAF). They were planning on raising more money for US troops in a one week period than any other organization has ever done by having a Jerry Lewis style telethon.

As a marketing consultant I am always listening and watching for new and innovative marketing campaigns, in order to learn, promote or participate. I wasn’t aware of MAF until I heard about this organization on the radio. I did some research and liked what I learned.

At the same time I thought about a friend serving in Afghanistan. It just so happened that he called me earlier in the week. With Independence Day so close I was very touched by my friend's phone call from Afghanistan, and MAF’s attempt to help the troops. I was reminded how much US soldiers are under appreciated and felt encouraged to do more. Especially in recent years, as the Democrat controlled Congress has not been as supportive of our military as our troops deserve.

I knew that making my one contribution would be a good start. I also knew that with the power of the internet and with a different marketing mindset, I could help MAF to achieve its goal of raising more money than any other similar organization in that one week period.

I also knew that MAF needed a push as donations to the USO, the American Legion, the National Military Families Association, fisherhouse dot org, and cellphonesforsoldiers dot com all have been down recently.

Before I knew what I was doing I went to my computer and posted a question to millions of people. My question posted on Linkedin:
“Do you support the troops?”

I have a friend who is a US solider in Afghanistan.

The reason I ask this question today is that I learned of a telethon that is going on right now to provide the largest-ever care package to US troops overseas.

The web site organization is:

As a token of my appreciation for my friend’s service I wanted to ask this question to get a reaction and also shed some light on this cause.

My main purpose was to generate interest in MAF but also give credit to my friend serving in Afghanistan. I hoped that the way I phrased the question would get a reaction. It did. The third answer started a debate as someone attacked my question.

Many of the responses were telling and painted an interesting story. Most were glad to learn of MAF’s efforts and expressed gratitude for the service our US troops gave. One of the best responses said:
“Although I am not a citizen of US, I do support the troops doing a phenomenal service of furthering Freedom. America is living up to its notion as the last standing fortress of liberty, god bless America.”

In conclusion I think that all of us could do more to support our troops. If you don’t have extra money to give to the cause, start by simply thanking the men and women you know and meet that serve in the armed forces. Consider voting out the elected officials that don’t fund the equipment necessary to support our troops.

Let us all celebrate freedom, not just on Independence Day, but each and every day.

Les Martin
Marketing Consultant

[Editor: According to Sacramento News10/KXTV Move America Forward raised over $1.5mm]

Friday, July 04, 2008

Yet Even More Throughput

SKI on Throughput

You have not, because you ask not

But there is more to it than just asking. Those that know me, know that I focus to a fault. Yes, to a fault. Better to be too focused (than not enough!)... and for me, that focus is on Throughput.

Do not forget Colonel John Boyd and his concern that we operate faster than the other guy. Or faster than the other companies in our market space. Recall the expression, "getting inside the competition's OODA Loop?"

Enjoy Independence Day

Then, lets get up out of the La-Z-Boy™ and get back to work. While you are up, swing by a book store and pick up the current issue of SUCCESS magazine. Forget "The Donald"...

Great Les Brown speech on the DVD

There is a great Les Brown speech on the enclosed DVD. Worth hundreds of times the purchase price. Toastmaster's International named Les "One of the Five Greatest Speakers in the World."

Correction: Les Brown is the best. Period.


P.S. Need to accomplish something? Put the SKI team on it! Before your competition does...

P.P.S. I have to believe that I should be somewhere in that top ten. {grin}

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
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July 4th :: Self-evident?

Happy 4th

What exactly does that mean?

It is a not too subtle shift in one's vantage point. For me, it sends the message that today is all about the cook-out or taking the day off. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Independence Day

Before it was the title of an entertaining movie, it meant "The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America..." to free ourselves from the mother country.

It is a birthday celebration: our nation's birth on July 4, 1776.


Not so much.

For me, it is a time to reflect on my homeland (in these ever increasingly 'global' times), and thank my lucky stars... maybe that is why we have fireworks!

Enjoy the day, but consider putting a slight twist on your vantage point. One of profound meaning and consider paying tribute to the brave souls that changed the course of mankind by holding the ultimate "bitch & moan" session, creating a list of grievances that became one of the world's most respected documents.


P.S. Thanks google for making a colorful image to honor the day... I know how tough it would be to create an image based on an idea...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Next time, send them this

Johnny can Multitask!

It drives me wild when I see "help wanted ads" looking for someone that can multitask!

Starting today, I am going to start responding to those ads with a simple link to this YouTube video that Tony Rizzo created (for which, I did the voice-over).

It is that good. And funny. And yes, that sad. But true.

Consider the 80/20 rule as it pertains to throughput: I can double the production of 80% of the companies in the United States by simply eliminating bad multitasking.

Yes, 80%.

Doubt me? Attend this workshop.

Better yet, pick up the phone and call me. Let me explain the power of focus. A great guy (with a difficult job) at a client site wanted to believe me... he really did. Then we talked after a holiday break, in which he went into the office to catch up. He was proud of the amount of work he accomplished "working without interruption!"


Yes, I am 100% serious: you can double your production regardless the size of your organization, by eliminating bad multitasking. I can prove it!



P.S. Please share Johnny's relay race with your superiors... what was the reaction?

I really want to know.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Starbucks(R) to cut 600 stores

Monday To Do List:
blog on the fall of Starbucks®

Ever put something off? Monday, my wife and I stopped in a Starbucks® after breakfast for our fix. Once again, the decaf coffee had "just been dumped" to make new (a good thing), and I would have to wait, or accept a substitution.

Anyone else getting mild heartburn from the new (cost-cutter) Pikes Place brew?

When will I ever see decaf Verona again? Sorry, I digress...

Well, it made me mad. So I started to think about it... this from a guy that in my prime (just a few years ago, honest!), would hit a Starbucks on average 50+ times a month. Most every morning for a tall decaf and then many afternoons for a Frappuccino®.

I had written in Purple Curve Effect how great Starbucks and Kinkos were, then had to write about the downfall of Kinkos... now, pen to paper (so to speak) about Starbucks.

Remember when they ran out of coffee, and they offered you a free cup as soon as it brewed? Or when they offered you a store coupon when they did not have your drink ready?

Howard: Great book. But time to pick up a Peter Drucker book. The one (or is it every Drucker book!) that reminds businessmen that you cannot save (or cost-cut) your way to success. The best way to succeed is to sell more (not less). Consider my book. In fact I will make you a great deal: $10 per copy for orders over 10,000 copies.

Color me disappointed. At Starbucks®... and for not writing this post on Monday (before the announcement!).


P.S. There is no excuse for laying people off... well, okay: one excuse. No, economic downturn is not it. Need help with your strategy? Check out the Dynamic 4^3 Process™.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
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Don Philabaum on blogTalkRadio(TM)

Don Philabaum speaks on blogTalkRadio™

Give a listen to this program on the Ask Without Fear show.

He is President & CEO of Internet Strategies Group. Disclaimer: Philabaum is one of my newest clients (over on Why? His message is important to business owners wanting to jump on the purple curve of ever-increasing growth and profitability!

His newest book, Internet Dough, is a great resource for business owners wondering how to take of full advantage of the internet. If you are struggling with social media and the whole "web 2.0 thing", then it pays to have smart friends. Like Don Philabaum.

Tell him, "SKI sent me."


Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Raw Speed of Total-Matrix

The Raw Speed Total-Matrix
featuring Tony Rizzo

Promotional MP3

September 16, 2008
Whippany, NJ

The Marketing Fresh Peel

Where do you get ideas?

I steal mine! Or at least some of them. Well, okay, most of them. So, when some one jumps on the same bandwagon as me, I want to shout about it!

Like The Marketing Fresh Peel blog. With a twist.

Here, the concept is to focus on one's strengths. Good advice.

However, in the world of broken business functions, it is often necessary to focus from a different vantage point. Consider the manufacturer with excess demand for their services. In other words, they cannot keep up with demand. Yes Virgina, there are a large number of businesses with this exact challenge. This is what we call an internal constraint.

Remember the line in the sand?

What is needed is the "bitch & moan" session that Eli Goldratt uses to find constraints. You can go get that MBA or, for the price of seven books, get the common sense approach to throughput (remember: throughput means more money in your pocket now, and even more in the future!)... but I digress.

Focus on your weakest link. Only the weakest link. Until it is no longer the weakest link.

The results will amaze.


P.S. This post could have also been called, "Yet even more on Focus."

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
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twitterfeed for blogs

twitterfeed makes it easy

Every get busy? Well, this neat app does the hard part (remembering!) for you, with the power of RSS feeds. Updating twitter with a short note about your latest post.

Check it out.