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ideaVirus unleashed

Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin

As we roll out Rhino Island Media...

Time to revisit this classic by one of the most respected minds in marketing. Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin. Which I did over coffee this morning. And with the power of the new "Notes" app on version 2.0 of my iPod touch I was able to capture this nugget:
"find a vacuum"
In other words, want success faster? As we learned in Physics 101, nature abhors a vacuum! Something (everything!) will rush to fill it. So, with Rhino Island Media, I am seeking to define the business model in terms of the void it fills. Not an easy task.

If marketing were easy, every starry-eyed college student would be pursuing a degree in marketing...

As I was telling a client this past week, I am a Godin fan, or at least a 51% fan. His book, The Dip, was exceptional. Ideavirus hits about a 5 on the scale of 1 to 10 (for me, today). But, I am always looking to find that nugget that makes most every business book of value. And when you need the answer to a question that is making you crazy, the larger your library, the easier to find a great solution. And so it was this morning.

Vacuums as a business models

"If you can fill a vacuum aggressively and
permanently, it is far easier to extract money..."
— Seth Godin

Look at the iPod. And how Steve Jobs made money by converting illegal music downloads to legitimate purchases. But again, I am getting off topic. Easy to do when one's passion is running wild on a new adventure.

As I shared, Rhino Island Media is a significant part of the puzzle for me. The ability to permanently capture content is a component of creating wealth. Think Desi Arnaz. Legend suggests he requested (and received with a laugh) the rights to "I Love Lucy" once an episode had aired. Simply brilliant.

From my vantage point, there are two vacuums to address: first, the creation of video that does not suck. Most all of us have been given a link to an exciting video only to be disappointed by the quality of the images or the audio or both. As one colleague suggests, there are those that want to brag about how bad the production values are on their final product! How wrong.

Second, there is a huge vacuum of legitimate content for the entrepreneur or small business owner struggling against "today's" biggest fire. Like a lost client that represents over 25% of your revenue stream. Or that bogus lawsuit. Or 200% employee turnover in a key department... by the way, if a department is not a "key" department, why staff it? But I digress.

Look for Rhino Island Media to make a difference.


P.S. Do you have content aimed directly at the small business owner? Call me.

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