Monday, July 28, 2008

Magic of Thinking BIG

The Magic of Thinking Big

Now available on CD-ROM...

Who knew? I have several books on my iPod, but only own the print version of this best seller. What was the nugget I found this morning over coffee with David J. Schwatrz, PhD.? You know him: the author of The Magic of Thinking Big. In truth, I had coffee with him by reading his book... he was not there physically.

"Build a 'Sell Yourself to Yourself' commercial"

Then, play it every day. At least once a day. The more the obstacles to your vision take center stage, the more plays that will be required!

Having made some breakthroughs in business, and realizing that there are less years ahead than behind, reality would suggest that I have at least one more significant success sstory to write. Today, for me, I am excited about the potential for Rhino Island Media to make a difference in the world of business.

This book was a great reminder that most of the conditions required for success are within my control (or my span of influence).

That's the good news.

It is also the bad news.


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