Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dodge Challenger Challenge

This exact car on Display

As you may recall, Sunday is "dream building day", but a lot of automobile dealer showrooms are closed today. So, when I heard a dealer had this baby on premise awaiting delivery to the proud owner, I had to make a special trek on Saturday.

I was pleasantly surprised

First, by the fact that my wife liked it too! Second by the color: Hemi® Orange Pearl. With racing stripe (of sorts) down the hood. The interior was also very inviting. I have owned several cars with leather interiors, and the Plymouth PT Cruiser Limited Edition had the nicest. This is very close. By the way, I like to say that I did not buy the new GTO because the leather interior felt more like sandpaper than a seat covering material! But too be honest, the GTO is close, but just no cigar... and no comparison to the new Dodge Challenger. Which, for my money, is more like the Plymouth 'Cuda (but since they killed off Plymouth, guess that had to call it a Challenger).

Here is my Dodge Challenger Challenge: Go see one "live and in person".

Why? The photos do not do it justice. Much like the Dodge Viper. When the Viper was introduced, I was intrigued, but not impressed. Until I saw that low lean body in person for myself. You owe it to yourself to do likewise with this Hemi® powered beast.

Let me know what you think.


P.S. And to think, we thought 1969 was the best year for the American Muscle Car!

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