Friday, July 11, 2008

Martha Stewart on Passion

Martha Stewart Rules

What does a buck buy?

Success? Sure, if like me, you stop in your "everything for buck" type store. That is where I found this great book by one of my mentors. In fact in our book, Purple Curve Effect, Thayer Bennett (my editor, mentor, friend and co-author) and I debated using Martha Stewart as an example. In fact, here is part of that debate (from December 2003):

SKI and Thayer debate using Martha Stewart

This book by Stewart (having just bought the book, I have only read up to and through the first chapter) shares a lot of great insight. In fact, she got the idea for the book while in prison! FYI, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. (MSO) market capitalization is approximately $361mm today. Well off its high (pre scandal), but what stock is not!

Chapter One: What's Passion got to do with it?

Although not giving Tina Turner any credit (What's Love got to do with it?), Stewart hits a huge home run with the very first chapter. Tempted to take the day off to finish the book, common sense won out. However, being Friday, I may take the book with me on a ride and finish it at Starbucks® after lunch...

My point: Martha Stewart deserves respect for her accomplishments. This book provides some great insight. A more complete review once I finish it, however, I will flat-guarantee you the first 23 pages are "must read" material for entrepreneurs.


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