Monday, July 07, 2008

Move America Forward

Please help me welcome guest blogger, Les Martin, as he shares a personal message concerning Move America Forward. Note, this forum is not a political podium. This brief message is simply a call for action to support our troops. Nothing more. We have always drawn attention to this cause.

SKI asked me why I am involved in and I want to thank him for the opportunity to express myself and share my story.

Last week I was listening to talk show host Rush Limbaugh and in one of his monologues he mentioned that he was supporting Move America Forward (MAF). They were planning on raising more money for US troops in a one week period than any other organization has ever done by having a Jerry Lewis style telethon.

As a marketing consultant I am always listening and watching for new and innovative marketing campaigns, in order to learn, promote or participate. I wasn’t aware of MAF until I heard about this organization on the radio. I did some research and liked what I learned.

At the same time I thought about a friend serving in Afghanistan. It just so happened that he called me earlier in the week. With Independence Day so close I was very touched by my friend's phone call from Afghanistan, and MAF’s attempt to help the troops. I was reminded how much US soldiers are under appreciated and felt encouraged to do more. Especially in recent years, as the Democrat controlled Congress has not been as supportive of our military as our troops deserve.

I knew that making my one contribution would be a good start. I also knew that with the power of the internet and with a different marketing mindset, I could help MAF to achieve its goal of raising more money than any other similar organization in that one week period.

I also knew that MAF needed a push as donations to the USO, the American Legion, the National Military Families Association, fisherhouse dot org, and cellphonesforsoldiers dot com all have been down recently.

Before I knew what I was doing I went to my computer and posted a question to millions of people. My question posted on Linkedin:
“Do you support the troops?”

I have a friend who is a US solider in Afghanistan.

The reason I ask this question today is that I learned of a telethon that is going on right now to provide the largest-ever care package to US troops overseas.

The web site organization is:

As a token of my appreciation for my friend’s service I wanted to ask this question to get a reaction and also shed some light on this cause.

My main purpose was to generate interest in MAF but also give credit to my friend serving in Afghanistan. I hoped that the way I phrased the question would get a reaction. It did. The third answer started a debate as someone attacked my question.

Many of the responses were telling and painted an interesting story. Most were glad to learn of MAF’s efforts and expressed gratitude for the service our US troops gave. One of the best responses said:
“Although I am not a citizen of US, I do support the troops doing a phenomenal service of furthering Freedom. America is living up to its notion as the last standing fortress of liberty, god bless America.”

In conclusion I think that all of us could do more to support our troops. If you don’t have extra money to give to the cause, start by simply thanking the men and women you know and meet that serve in the armed forces. Consider voting out the elected officials that don’t fund the equipment necessary to support our troops.

Let us all celebrate freedom, not just on Independence Day, but each and every day.

Les Martin
Marketing Consultant

[Editor: According to Sacramento News10/KXTV Move America Forward raised over $1.5mm]

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