Thursday, July 17, 2008

Red Rock Cruise :: Las Vegas

Great trek for Motorcycles

Hardly seems like two years have come and gone! This time in July of 2006, I was making this trek on a Buell Firebolt on many a Saturday and/or Sunday. I lived in Henderson, near the Green Valley Ranch Station Casino, so on weekends we would meet there and cruise over to Red Rock Station Casino for the best breakfast in town!

Blasting through the beautiful Red Rock Canyon.

Here is a flickr photo stream of one such adventure...

Both Harley-Davidson and BMW (and others) rent motorcycles to those with proper endorsements on their driver's license... so no need to trailer your bike out to Vegas. And yes, at 110 degrees, it is hot in the desert on a motorcycle. I loved to make an early morning run before the sun was up... when you might actually need a jacket!


P.S. Having trouble with throughput in your Vegas based biz? I am available!

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