Friday, July 04, 2008

Yet Even More Throughput

SKI on Throughput

You have not, because you ask not

But there is more to it than just asking. Those that know me, know that I focus to a fault. Yes, to a fault. Better to be too focused (than not enough!)... and for me, that focus is on Throughput.

Do not forget Colonel John Boyd and his concern that we operate faster than the other guy. Or faster than the other companies in our market space. Recall the expression, "getting inside the competition's OODA Loop?"

Enjoy Independence Day

Then, lets get up out of the La-Z-Boy™ and get back to work. While you are up, swing by a book store and pick up the current issue of SUCCESS magazine. Forget "The Donald"...

Great Les Brown speech on the DVD

There is a great Les Brown speech on the enclosed DVD. Worth hundreds of times the purchase price. Toastmaster's International named Les "One of the Five Greatest Speakers in the World."

Correction: Les Brown is the best. Period.


P.S. Need to accomplish something? Put the SKI team on it! Before your competition does...

P.P.S. I have to believe that I should be somewhere in that top ten. {grin}

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