Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Marketing Fresh Peel

Where do you get ideas?

I steal mine! Or at least some of them. Well, okay, most of them. So, when some one jumps on the same bandwagon as me, I want to shout about it!

Like The Marketing Fresh Peel blog. With a twist.

Here, the concept is to focus on one's strengths. Good advice.

However, in the world of broken business functions, it is often necessary to focus from a different vantage point. Consider the manufacturer with excess demand for their services. In other words, they cannot keep up with demand. Yes Virgina, there are a large number of businesses with this exact challenge. This is what we call an internal constraint.

Remember the line in the sand?

What is needed is the "bitch & moan" session that Eli Goldratt uses to find constraints. You can go get that MBA or, for the price of seven books, get the common sense approach to throughput (remember: throughput means more money in your pocket now, and even more in the future!)... but I digress.

Focus on your weakest link. Only the weakest link. Until it is no longer the weakest link.

The results will amaze.


P.S. This post could have also been called, "Yet even more on Focus."

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