Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Martha Stewart Rules

This a very good book

On Friday, I started reading this book that I found for a buck (see link) and was pleasantly surprised. I finished it this morning over coffee. At first, I thought it was good. But upon reflection, I must admit that it is very good.

As I mentioned in my brief review on facebook, Martha Stewart covers my seven tips for business owners (or would be entrepreneurs) in different sections of her book. I am not suggesting that she borrowed any of my material (although my book was after all, first to press)... just that certain components are key building blocks.

Like hiring the A-Team

No, not Colonel Hannibal Smith and Howling Mad Murdock (et al) from that very entertaining TV series. No, the "A-Team" as in the best people for the job. One distinction that I make: I no longer hire employees. Since 1998, my A-Team are either partners or subcontractors. But I digress...

This book is worth a quick read. Or two.

And if you bump into Martha, suggest she pick up a copy of my book.


P.S. Oh yea, she is big on mentoring as well!

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