Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Starbucks(R) to cut 600 stores

Monday To Do List:
blog on the fall of Starbucks®

Ever put something off? Monday, my wife and I stopped in a Starbucks® after breakfast for our fix. Once again, the decaf coffee had "just been dumped" to make new (a good thing), and I would have to wait, or accept a substitution.

Anyone else getting mild heartburn from the new (cost-cutter) Pikes Place brew?

When will I ever see decaf Verona again? Sorry, I digress...

Well, it made me mad. So I started to think about it... this from a guy that in my prime (just a few years ago, honest!), would hit a Starbucks on average 50+ times a month. Most every morning for a tall decaf and then many afternoons for a Frappuccino®.

I had written in Purple Curve Effect how great Starbucks and Kinkos were, then had to write about the downfall of Kinkos... now, pen to paper (so to speak) about Starbucks.

Remember when they ran out of coffee, and they offered you a free cup as soon as it brewed? Or when they offered you a store coupon when they did not have your drink ready?

Howard: Great book. But time to pick up a Peter Drucker book. The one (or is it every Drucker book!) that reminds businessmen that you cannot save (or cost-cut) your way to success. The best way to succeed is to sell more (not less). Consider my book. In fact I will make you a great deal: $10 per copy for orders over 10,000 copies.

Color me disappointed. At Starbucks®... and for not writing this post on Monday (before the announcement!).


P.S. There is no excuse for laying people off... well, okay: one excuse. No, economic downturn is not it. Need help with your strategy? Check out the Dynamic 4^3 Process™.

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