Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

One of many all time favorites:
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

This is one of those films that if you are not into motorcycles, you may not appreciate... even if you are into the bike scene, you still might not like it!

At least it has a lot more riding than "Then Came Bronson"... but that is not saying much.

$64 question: What is the throughput lesson?


There are a lot great lines in this movie (caution: it is rated "R" for several reasons), like in the diner when Virgina says to Harley that she envies Harley and Marlboro's life style of carefree living. However, rather than carefree (or careless) I might suggest that they have simply learned a valuable lesson: life is the journey, not the destination!

In the current issue of Success magazine (yes, this edition) there is an article on Coach John Wooden. It is (in no small part) about mentoring. Again, well worth the cover price.

I have always seen a lot of myself in Mickey Rourke's character (Harley Davidson) in this movie. For too many reasons to list! His best friend Marlboro (played to the max by Don Johnson) is constantly mentoring him. Much like my best friend.

Well, Coach Wooden likes to point out that we can be mentored by most anyone almost anywhere. See that kid with all the tattoos on the Harley? As he dismounts his chrome steed, he bends over and picks up several pieces of trash obviously left by someone else... which begs the question, can you do likewise? Should you?

I love to mentor. Mostly because I love learning. If you are not learning you are dying. To me, it is that simple. What are you good at? Share it with the world. Share it with my readers. Send me a blog post... the more related to throughput, the more likely I will post it. Better yet, here is the challenge:

Tell me (and my readers) your favorite mentorship story...


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