Thursday, July 31, 2008

Make a Decision

Purple Curve Effect :: SKI's Throughput on Command

Ever heard that advice before?

Make a decision

Every day that I get older (which so far, seems to be most every day!), this small piece of advice rings true. In business and life. At work or at home. Rain or shine.

Before I made "the decision" it always bothered me when others used it. Someone somewhere would accomplish something noteworthy, and when confronted for details, would enthusiastically respond, "Well, first, I made a decision to just do it."

Sounds to simple to be effective. Of course that does not change the fact that it can be that simple. Again, "simple" does not imply "easy" or without effort. As I roll out Rhino Island Media (with our first shoot tomorrow), there have been numerous chances to fold up the tent and look for easier ways to make a profit AND to make a difference in the world.

Not gonna happen

Staying the course is important. Especially when you witness the hand actually writing on the wall. As is the case this moment in time, as businesses rush to video to share their message with customers (prospects and even suspects). Broadband (aka high speed) internet access is now here for most every business in America. My short term goal or marketplace.

In 2004 I was in the right place at the right time to leverage (and to profit from) the rush to the American Custom Motorcycle, but allowed a few obstacles to cloud my judgment. Plus, the "profit" motive was not high on my list of priorities.

Today, profit comes first

There is no "changing the world" without resources. If, like one of my heroes Bono, you have the resources afforded from international frame, it can be done. Just look at (RED). Or (from financial wealth) Warren Buffet's charitable contributions. Or the ultimate personal sacrifice by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., giving his life to advance civil rights.

Make a Decision

Much like when in November 2000, I made the decision to launch TOCreview magazine to further Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt's Constraints Management methodology (again, without a focus on profits), I have made a decision.

Rhino Island Media will become a provider of Internet Video. Why put my neck on the chopping block? I have the secret weapon. One that I have shared repeatedly since April 2004.

Purple Curve Effect — SKI's Throughput on Command

I have a Dream

Next step: make it come true. How? Simple. But not easy. Bought the book Purple Curve Effect (I gave myself a discount, but just for you, I have lowered the price to just $14.00USD!). Read the book. Yea, there are a lot of people who buy books and never read them. That really hinders the learning process. Finally, apply the book. Then, (you guessed it!) MAKE A DECISION to make your dream come true.

Need help? Call me. Right after you finish reading my book. Please do not call one minute before you finish. I am unable to help if you do not have my framework of references.


P.S. Are you getting the sense that I believe buying, reading and applying my book is a good thing? I hope so!

P.P.S. Just one example of producing results: Got Results?

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