Friday, July 25, 2008

Ice Cream for Bob Nardelli

Bob Nardelli promotes The Ice Cream Maker by Subir Chowdhury

Another "Must Read" for business

Bob Nardelli of Chrysler LLC promotes The Ice Cream Maker by Subir Chowdhury

This book opened my eyes to something that I have been preaching since discovering W. Edwards Deming: the guy or gal on the production floor has answers for the very questions (tough, demanding questions!) senior managers are debating in the board room.

Yes, opened my eyes... and I have been vigilant in recital of this important fact. So why so little respect for this concept? My words seem to be going in one ear and out the other of most of my clients. Remember in the 1980s when CEOs had to have a computer on their desk simply because the other CEOs had one?

Reminds me of raising children, "But dad, all the other kids can stay out until 2am!" Wrong. And it was just as wrong for CEOs to use this grade school excuse. The nugget (for me) in Chowdhury's book:
"The real measure of performance is not how you do
at your best, but how you do at your worst."

Note to Nardelli (and myself): if they do not READ the book, APPLY the material, and LIVE the material, fire 'em! Surely you remember sitting at Jack's right hand, living through the "fire the bottom 10%" tirades!

But wait a minute. I can hear some of you say, "But SKI, you are constantly reminding us that layoffs are never acceptable!" True. Darn it. Trapped by my own dogma. Disregard that "fire 'em" comment.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And so it was with The Ice Cream Maker although it covers a lot of the material in my book, Purple Curve Effect. And yet I learned a thing or two in addition to having it serve as a reminder that there is always more to do.

Businesses are complex entities. Requiring careful handling and feeding. Chowdhury's book is a welcome addition to my library. My thanks to Bob Nardelli for bringing it to my attention. Allow me to return the favor: you need to BUY, READ, and APPLY my book. Then, if you understand the synergy it provides, recommend it to your fellow employees. Bulk discount available (my way of trying to help you cut costs!).


P.S. My book is also available (slightly used) on amazon dot com (which is how I bought this book).

P.P.S. Is there any way to get a piece of equity in Chrysler LLC? Just wondering...

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