Friday, November 30, 2007

(RED)y or not

December 1st is World AIDS Day...

A great day for shopping AND making the world a better place to live.


Official Launch of

Official Launch of

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Twofer now offers the second greatest book...

And in the spirit of giving, anyone buying two new copies from seller "consultski" online from amazon dot com (while supplies last!) will receive a prepaid $10 Starbucks card with the books.


First, to encourage you to buy the book. Second, to encourage you to give a copy to your boss, spouse, colleague (or fill_in_the_blank). Third, because it is the only book that I know of, other than the Bible, that will get the reader to take immediate action to improve the world around us.

It really is that simple. If everyone bought the book, actually two, in order to give one away, Christmas would be a time of a great revolution in America. One of success. Of victory over whatever circumstances have stood in your way and the way of those close to you.

Every time I read the book, I learn something new!

For years, I have toyed with the idea of opening a kiosk at the mall and selling copies of Purple Curve Effect. There would be a section of the kiosk devoted to "Success in Business" and, you guessed it, nothin' but copies of PCE. Another section on "Success in Marriage" with, yep, copies of only PCE. A section on "Victory over Adversity"... and more Purple Curve Effect books!

I have the rough draft of the sequel: STARTUPS: The Purple Curve Effect, but I want to take every opportunity to promote the original startup "leadership" guide. Once the first printing is gone, only eVersions will be available. And that should occur by year's end...

So, the time is perfect. To own your very own copy.

Or two. Is it better to give...


Wally Bock on Leadership

Wally Bock's Three Star Leadership is must reading... for those serious about working on their business. His latest nugget: Knowing and Being by Michael Polanyi. -ski FYI: Wally Bock is one of my LinkedIn colleagues... it pays to have smart friends.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Luke Short offers his version of the 12 days of Christmas... Gift ideas for that Olde West historian. --ski

Friday, November 23, 2007


I spent Thanksgiving Day with my best friend and the vRod... it was a very good day.

It is my hope that yours was as well.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Chapter Three

STARTUPS: The Purple Curve Effect
by Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey
and Thayer Bennett Dudack

Chapter Three :: The Dream

Pulling off Interstate 95 at "Destination Daytona" and turning into the parking, the difference was apparent. In October, Biketoberfest was in full bloom, and it took me ten minutes to get parked. Gone now are all the cones, traffic cops, and the two thousand Harleys!

Wheeling a four wheel "cage" onto a lot full of motorcycles is always concern. Finding a parking spot on the end of the lot, away from the dings of other car doors was easy. Nearby was a Porsche Boxter. A great looking car, and at one point a car on my wish list. But the CTS really has exceeded my expectations.

As Dylan wraps up "Things have Changed" (how appropriate, another of life's sycronisities), I reach for my journal. The odometer agrees with my plan: 263 miles. Exactly. As the late, great Col. Hannibal Smith (of The A Team) would say, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Now onto the mission: checking out the new Buell 1125R, the first water-cooled Buell. As I quickly walk through the store, I am reminded of the masses of bikers overfilling the store. Now almost all gone. But soon to return for Bike Week in March.

There it is: the 1125R.


As with most things, the photos that I have seen just do not do it justice. It is wider than expected. Which seems to make it look shorter and closer to the ground. Thats when I notice the handlebars: clip ons, like the Firebolt. I prefer the more upright seating of the Lightning. Finally, a salesman appears and grants permission to straddle the 146HP beast.

Oh yea.

It would have been easy to simply cross the newest Buell off my dream list, that is right up to point when I sat on it. Too late. Any chance or test riding it? "No."

Harley-Davidson corporate figured out years ago, the test ride only cause more problems than not allowing them. The non-rider would get the idea one Saturday to buy a bike after his neighbor brought one home, rush into the dealership, and roll a $20,000 piece of art into a ball of junk. Ouch. One of the reasons Harley carts a tractor trailer full of new bikes from dealership to dealership, offering free rides. To those with proper gear. Including a motorcycle endorsement.

WIth a great full-color brochure in hand, I re-enter the CTS. It takes just a minute to update my journal, noting that the 1125R is worthy of the pursuit. And worthy of fielding the comment from my wife, "Why do you need another motorcycle?" The short answer is simply, because. Because I want one. Because it motivates me to do the work necessary to earn it. Because it is a great masterpiece of American ingenuity. Erik Buell is a master at capturing the imagination, and delivering on the promise of "owning the corners."

My first two Buells only served to reinforce the desire to own more of them. As the "sport bike" of the Harley-Davidson brand, the Buell is a most misunderstood bike. Up until now, they really could not hang with the metric sport bikes. The 1125R should change all that in March at the track on the other side of town. As an American, I am proud to own an American sport bike. I made the decision in the wake of the events of September 11th to embrace my heritage, and focus on American based products. Like my new Cadillac.


My phone alerts to me to the fact that "dream building" time is up. Get to Starbucks, and then head over to Orlando to pickup my wife at the airport.

And don't be late!

(c)Copyright 2007 by Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Drafts are available by request to those that cannot wait until the book is complete.
Simply write me a note at:


Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
(330) 432-3533

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day 2007

Thanks google, for paying tribute.

Semper Fi


Startups: The Purple Curve Effect

NOTE: This is the draft of the first chapter of Startups: The Purple Curve Effect. The second book in the "Applying Common Sense" series by SKI.

STARTUPS: The Purple Curve Effect
by Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

Chapter One :: The Power of a List

Nothing like a hot shower to get the morning going. At least for me. Sunday. Again. Finally. As I dressed, the anticipation was getting the best of me. I started to race ahead towards the garage, but noticed the list posted on the glass patio door.

That view across the trees, out over the other wing of the complex, due east out to the Atlantic Ocean. Hilton Head Island will always be home. Hard to believe that just twelve weeks ago I decided on pursuing the new Cadillac CTS. I had been set on the Chrysler Pacifica. But with my return to consulting, the Caddy seemed more appropriate. A lot more fun to drive. Like today.

The List

1. Shower
2. Shave (yes, do it anyway)
3. Dress (never been quite that excited as to forget, but just in case!)
4. Check weather channel (I hate surprises)
5. Take computer
6. Leave Kimber 9mm home (crossing state lines)
7. Take shaving kit

Ah, the power of the list. How do people accomplish anything without one? Bottom line: they don't. I cannot believe more people have not picked up on that fact. That is why I made such a big deal of it in Purple Curve Effect. Oh well. As I opened the garage door, that new car smell overtook me. A deeply religious experience! Perhaps only to those of us in love with the American Muscle Car.

Black on black. Henry Ford got it right: any color you want, as long as you want black! With the fuel injected 304hp engine. Yokos bolted to the Craeger SS mags, a blast to my past when I could only afford two chrome rims for the RB. I discovered the Yokohomas for my first Merkur XR4Ti. Great tires for cornering.

The "RB" was a red & black 1968 Chevelle with a 396ci and 4-speed transmission. I remember saving my pennies for that Mr. Gasket V-Gate shifter... and the cop's reaction on my first test run. No ticket. Thanks Manny. I think he was as excited about the V-Gate as I was! Those were the good olde days.

The look on Shorty's face when I ordered the black CTS was priceless. Was this the third or fourth car we bought from him? "Black?" Yep. Black. Now, here it sat. Freshly detailed just yesterday. And with a full tank of petro.

Just 263 miles to Daytona Beach...

(c)Copyright 2007 by Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Drafts are available by request to those that cannot wait until the book is complete.
Simply write me a note at:


Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
(330) 432-3533

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Smartest Guy in the Room

James T. Low
Associate Professor of Marketing
Wayne State University

Among the valuable lessons learned while in Las Vegas last weekend: it pays to have smart friends! I had just met James at a gathering of Constraints Management gurus, and was complaining about Amazon dot com and the poor treatment given to authors wanting to hawk their own books.

"Use the Sell My Used Books feature."

For years I have complained about Amazon. To a lot of people. When ever the subject came up. And in less than one minute, James opened the world of Amazon sales to me.

Thank you James.


Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
(330) 432-3533

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