Thursday, May 25, 2006

Distribution White Paper

Distribution White Paper Now available from a Goldratt Consulting web site (requires registration, but is free to all), this White Paper explains the "Pull Distribution" method. -ski

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sonny the Big Cat

The 3 Amigoes Jeff, Sonny, and JR Kinsey. 
July 2000 in Sea Pines Plantation on Hilton Head Island. 

A couple days ago, on May 19th my dad, Myron 'Sonny' Kinsey passed on to his reward. He will be missed. My son is in Ohio for the funeral. Going through family pictures, this one grabbed my attention.

Three generations of Kinseys. He would have been 71 years young today. Up until about two years ago, I greeted my dad by calling out to him, "Sonny the Big Cat!" It was with enthusiasm. With pride and excitement. Over the years, I watched him walk into many a CEOs' office and gain immediate attention and respect. Right past the secretary. Often, busting into the middle of on-going meetings. Nine out of 10 times, he was welcomed like a long lost friend. The odd event out, never seemed to bother him. 

He was on a mission. Like the Blues Brothers, he was on a Mission from God. He must have known the love and respect I had for him. It was his constant query about when would my book be done, that birthed it. And then he set about getting it printed. Two years ago, he asked me to stop calling him the big cat. He changed. The beginning of the end, I guess. Much easier to see with hindsight... I miss him more than words could ever convey.  

My dad with my daughter and son twenty years ago! -jeff

Friday, May 12, 2006

Five and counting

The squeaky wheels get the oil The fifth tenet from the Purple Curve Effect. Some have made a career of being the squeaky wheel. Some are all talk. Others are legimate sources of important data. Consider the Fifth Purple Curve Insight
  • Goldratt and those contributing to his TOC [Theory of Constraints] methodology are advancing the most effective planning tool known to man

Yesterday, I spent the day at the Viable Vision Offer event in Raleigh, North Carolina. Where Dr. Eli Goldratt was sharing his passion for TOC and its ability to transform "physical product" companies by way of the Viable Vision. His enthusiasm could easily be described as a squeaky wheel.

He has my attention.

Next stop? Amsterdam.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fourth Tenet

Mission Impossible III Tom Cruise rode a Confederate Motors (CM) F131 Hellcat to the premier of his latest installment of the classic "Mission Impossible." I have kept CM founder Matt Chamber's quote on my desktop since seeing the quote in Fast Company. It speaks to me on several levels, first as a businessman, but also as a lover of custom American motorcycles. Purple Curve Effect Tenet Four:
  • Want to increase your "luck"? Focus on your weakest link!

Matt Chambers did just that in his company with this quote. There are a lot of "wanna be" bike builders in the world of custom American choppers and pro streets. Me included. If it is about the Benjamin's, it probably won't work. Passion sets the Confederate line on a path almost all its own. Whether you like the bikes or not, is not the issue. For the enthusiast that does, s/he can become passionate about their bike. Kinda like me and my Red Horse Turismo Signature Edition motorcycles.

Purple Curve Insight Four:

  • Recall the Tower of Babel?

How many readers caught the connection between the fourth tenet and this insight? It is profound, and easily recognized when applied to a real life example. Like Confederate.

When the message coming from the head of any organization is mixed, the troops cannot execute with any amount of precision. How does one communicate the marching orders when they change everyday? You cannot. Not effectively.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah Constraints Management Guru

P.S. Need a dynamic, driven, passionate speaker for your next [fill_in_the_blank] meeting?

Call me!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Third Tenet

Third Tenet from Purple Curve Effect
  • Only lists that we make for ourselves for activities that we must accomplish are worthy of our attention

Edison knew it. I know it. Do you?

While out the other day with my better half, I picked up a book and started reading it... from the beginning. Which is somewhat rare for me. It had been several weeks since I read my own book!

It is better than I thought. In fact, I am amazed each and every time I spend any time with it. Thayer deserves a ton of credit. For all the obvious reasons, and one not so obvious. I had asked a number of Theory of Constraints experts to look over the final draft before we went to press. Most came back with a number of hints and minor issues to correct.

A few came back, sharing their disappointment. One even suggested that I not publish it.

Two years later, it is still getting mixed reviews. From guys like me, simple but honest and hard working, still trying to figure it out on their own, the praise has been very good. That is exactly the audience I wrote it for. But after a couple of early reviews, I wanted to make some major changes. Thayer was ready to blow a gasket. She encouraged me to "stay the course."

I did. Thank you Thayer.

Edison knew that rules or policies or what the neighbor next door thought, was not only unimportant, it was wrong! Since retiring, the biggest joy for me has been doing exactly what I want, when I want [with few exceptions].

I do not multi-task

Neither should you. Computers? Fine. Humans cannot be effective serving more than one master. I told a great story, that Earl Nightingale told, about the power of the list. About Focus. About success.

Which, in the third part of Purple Curve Effect -- SKI's Throughput on Command, became the third Purple Curve Insight:

  • TOC is based on uncommon common sense

I then went on to talk about cashflow. By the way, I am not going to give away the whole book. I made the PDF version available for just two bucks. Why? Because even at my lowest points, I almost always had two bucks. So if you need the answers to breaking out of your rut, buy the PDF. Then, as you get on and success starts taking hold, buy the paperback.

Better yet, buy two and give one away!

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah Constraints Management Guru

P.S. Write the best book review of my book, and win a copy of Dettmer's Strategic Navigation