Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Start up 101

After 5+ years in the wilderness...

Life is what you make of it... no secret there. Or is it? I recently took time out to watch the movie, "The Secret." Guess what? It is right on!

How do I know? I live the secret every day!

My vRod is proof. My Merkur XR4Ti adventures. Living on Hilton Head Island, SC. After five plus years of retirement, I went back to work. Got a real job and everything. But building companies from the ground up is one of my real passions, and hence we are on the eve of the launch of Throughput.US LLC.

The first sequel to my run away best selling book, Purple Curve Effect, is taking form:

Startups: The Purple Curve Effect

It chronicles the creation and launch of Throughput.US LLC in just 90 days... for those who want to jump onto the fast track. Heavy on Col. John Boyd's work, H. William Dettmer's Strategic Navigation, and of course Thayer and my Purple Curve Effect.

Can't wait for the hard copy? Drop me a line asking for a sneek peek at the rough draft.


Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

tag: Purple Curve Effect

Sunday, October 21, 2007

263 miles: Daytona Beach Biketoberfest

What a great ride...

So much for an early start. I slept in. A rare event of late. But was on the road by 11am for what turned out to be a great ride and a lot of fun.

This is probably the sweet spot for a trip on the Harley-Davidson vRod. You can "run with the big dogs" like the 2008 Corvette that passed me, and yet find comfort with a pack of sport bikes. Of course, the 2004 vRod has a gas tank the size of a big gulp... great for a Cokee Cola, not so great for petro! The upside of a 100+mile tank is simple: after an hour or so of riding, a pit stop is in order.

Yet, I still managed to average a respectable 65.75mph for the trip down, pulling in Rossmeyer's "Destination Daytona" Harley-Davidson/Buell at 3pm... so cruising at 70mph, my pit stops must have been NASCAR worthy! {grin}

I cannot imagine not riding a motorcycle. Thanks Todd. I had gotten away from them for a while, stuck in the four wheeled cages of complacency... although the Merkur XR4Ti was a lot of fun to drive... till my second (notice I did not say my 'last') one burned to the ground. I now have ridden one or more of my motorcycles in 19 of the 50 United States of America. But I digress.

I experienced the 'Destination', met my son for a cup of coffee, and was back home by 10pm.

There were a lot of bikes... some good looking customs (nothing as cool as my all black & chrome Turismo Signature Edition), but only one worthy of consideration: a leftover Competition Red/Orange colored 2007 Buell XB12Ss with matching rims... at $8995, it would require the trading in of the vRod. Something to consider...


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Crying Indian

WARNING: Sour Grapes

The image that comes to my mind when I think about the Indian Motorcycle? Not the motorcycle and certainly not the company that is trying to recreate the legend.

It is Iron Eyes Cody. Probably most famous for his TV commercial asking Americans to stop littering.

It is with such disappointment that I watch the 'new' Indian motorcycle fiasco... the sour grapes warning is simple: I applied to Indian to serve as director of manufacturing back in 2005. Then again in 2006. Maybe even once early in 2007. See, back in 2004/2005, I was the Director of Manufacturing for Red Horse Motorworks.

I showed the organization how to double monthly production while I decreased WIP by 50%. Yes, you read that correctly. But I digress...

In late 2006 or very early 2007, Indian started taking deposits on 2008 motorcycles that were to ship in the fourth quarter of 2007. I knew they had yet to formalize a number of decisions required to actually produce bikes in time to honor that commitment.

Now we are told bikes will roll off the line late in 2008. Another promise.

Now do you see my connection to Iron Eyes Cody?


Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

tag: Indian Motorcycle

Monday, October 08, 2007


sales 101 dot info launches Throughput.US

Coming to a Project near you, SKI's Throughput.US

Monday, October 01, 2007

My back porch

Great view gets even better

Bill Dettmer is always sending me photos of the mountains in his back yard... and occasionally he includes one or more photos of an Eagle. Great stuff.

Well, yesterday afternoon at high tide, for no apparent reason, I decided to take some photos off my deck. It faces out across the Calabogie Sound. The sunlight was perfect. The water level perfect. The tempature... you get the idea.

Well, after I finish taking about 8 photos, I sit down and review them in the view finder. When I catch an American Eagle fly off a branch in front of me! Sure enough, I had captured him on film (electrons, actually) without even knowing it!