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Earn a $6000 Scholarship

A Six-Day Workshop
Leading to Self-Sufficiency
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Class: January 2011

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The Logical Thinking Process

Get your Jonah training from Main Street Stark
and save $6000.00

Yes, Dr. Eli Goldratt painted a great picture of "Jonah" in his landmark business novel, The Goal, but reading about it from an almost thirty year old book is not the same as working through the process with YOUR project as the focal point.

H. William Dettmer has perfected "The Logical Thinking Process" now in it's third generation, and author, educator and consultant Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey has been helping to create Jonahs since 2002. SKI will lead this six day workshop (over two weekends in January 2011) at the new Main Street Stark offices in Massillon, Ohio.

Here is your chance to complete your education in this amazing business methodology.

Earn a $6000 scholarship by making your reservation and paying the $359 deposit this week. Deadline for one of the six (6) seats is Friday, December 31, 2010.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Patrick Carroll is a Survivor

Is Patrick Carroll the next CBS Survivor?

Never Stop Believing

This is my chance to make a difference. I will never give up on my dream! I am a Survivor!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Reagan on Leadership

"The explorers of the modern era are the entrepreneurs, men with vision, with the courage to take risks and faith enough to brave the unknown... Some people, even my in my own country, look at the riot of experiment that is the free market and see only waste. What of all the entrepreneurs that fail? Well, many do, particularly the successful ones; often several times. And if you ask them the secret of their success, they'll tell you it's all they learned in their struggles along the way; yes, it's what they learned from failing. Like an athlete in competition or a scholar in pursuit of the truth, experience is the greatest teacher.

—President Ronald Reagan
Addressing Russian students in 1988

Friday, December 10, 2010

What is your Invariant?

December 10, 2010

What is your system invariant?

Need help taking your business to the next level? Let's talk.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Time to reflect or count my blessings of the last 12 months (also known as four cycles of 90 Days for those that know me, or four quarters of 13 weeks for the accounting folk among us).

What if your plans to help get America back to work came up short? I don't accept rejection. Not part of one's nature to accept detours or delays... so why do it?

What if organizations that were supposed to help, didn't. At least not really. Saying one thing and doing another sounds a lot like that favorite Ronald Reagan quip about the fear that accompanies that expression, "I am from the government and I am here to help."
Allow me a new twist: I am from the "for profit" side of free enterprise, and together, we can make a difference.
Mark your calendar for December 6, 2010 at 10:00 am EST.

It will be anything but business as usual.

Guess that is the Marine in me talking...

Enjoy the holiday.

Dropbox explained

After the commercial, the dropbox demo...

Friday, November 19, 2010

No shortage of Creativity

Rock this Party
Bob Sinclair

This is just amazing to watch... thanks for the link @loic


Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 07, 2010

be extra careful at public wifi hot spots

public service announcement

last week, a new software tool was released to the public that allows anyone at a "public" wifi to hijack your facebook or other app if you use it in a public access area. so be careful.  yes, you were always subject to this "token hijacking" scheme, but the general public did not have ready access to the tools to pull it off. now, they do. the authors claim to have made the code public to help bring awareness to the problem. i will reserve judgement.

be sure to look for the "https" in URLs to know your session is secure. gmail added this feature to protect people. but most apps are not protected. in other words, be careful. you should also notice the padlock in your browser [see image above] is "locked" to indicate an encrypted session.

of course i assume that everyone running wifi at home has set up the encryption mode and disabled SSID broadcasting... but i digress.

got questions? ask. --ski

P.S. i have not mentioned the tool in question in an attempt to help prevent it's spread until more developers take corrective action...

Did you fall back?

I hate the end of Summer


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Are you in Stark County, Ohio

Main St Stark

We are closing in on day 60 of the 90 days required to launch over at Main St Stark. A lot of moving parts... "A lot of ins and outs" as The Dude would say (aka The Big Lebowski, no relation to me that I know of).

So, consider answering these two questions:
  1. Are you living or working in Stark County, Ohio?
  2. Have you been working on a business idea?
If you answered "Yes" to both questions, let's talk.

Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey, Jonah
+1 330.737.1812

Monday, November 01, 2010

Leadership you can take to the bank!

One more example...

Vote Tuesday, November 2nd...

Vote Ed McCullough for Mayor of Hilton Head Island, SC

Leadership you can take to the bank!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Island Packet dead wrong

Island Packet dead wrong
The Hilton Head Island's "home" newspaper endorsed someone other than Ed McCullough.

Last week they misquoted Ed, putting words in his mouth (which not only is unsanitary, but disrespectful), and now they come out in support of a Town Council member who has been endorsing Mayor Peeples agenda for like seven years. How sad. They still owe Ed a correction... here is his rebuttal to the endorsement:
On redevelopment, the Land Management Ordinance was broken 7 years ago when Drew was elected and it is still broken. Where's the leadership?

On Town culture, the town culture was broken and rabidly ant-business 7 years ago when Drew was elected. It didn't just break yesterday. Where's the leadership?

On Town finances, under Drew's careful watch, the town manager expense in the budget grew from $533,450 to $734,420 during the great recession and raises were given out across the board in the planning department of 15% to 35%. Yeah, that's the guy you want to be the "watchdog" looking after your tax dollars.

On the downward pressure from the economy, under Drew's watch:

The town chased The Farmers Market and its $2.2 million economic engine over the bridge to Bluffton.

The town wasted $2.2 million on The Compass Rose Park where no one ever goes (how fitting that mayor Peeples chose that site to endorse Drew).

The town refused to fund a sailing and rowing center and Gullah museum for the same amount of $2.2 million that would have put thousands of heads in beds and improved quality of life for locals.

The town did not push through the process of achieving official designation as a "Bike Friendly Community" which would have drawn thousands of additional bike tourists to the island each year.

The town and its bureaucracy made the process of approval for redevelopment for The Mall at Shelter Cove so onerous (did you know that the town demanded that the mall give them 5,000 sq ft of office space to house their swelling staff for free?) that the owners gave up and the mall is now a half empty ghost town from which it is estimated that ten additional stores will leave in January.

The town with Drew as a member of the committee drew up a trash recycling program that would make it impossible for small local trash haulers to bid on an island wide contract, it would put the local small business haulers out of business and it would raise fees to condo owners by as much as 35% (such as at Marsh Side where the 35% increase would result in an increase in trash hauling fees to that complex alone of $10,000 per year).


As the next mayor of Hilton Head Island, I, Ed McCullough, solemnly pledge that in the first 90 days:

I will bring in a new sponsor for The Heritage Golf Tournament.

I will bring in world class developers and completely recreate The Mall at Shelter Cove. It will be a vibrant village of rich diversity in the heart of Hilton Head Island. It will include state of the art performance space, convention space, meeting space, boutiques, cafes, walkways, benches, park space, retail space, living space, education space and high tech office space.

I will rewrite the Land Management Ordinance to protect our environment, facilitate good business and be completely user friendly and not be an impassible obstruction to reclaiming and redeveloping older so called non conforming structures on the Island.

I will fully fund the rowing sailing Gullah museum project.

I will see to it that the town achieves Bike Friendly Community Status.

I will bring a successful Farmers Market to Hilton Head Island.

I will see to it that the newly conceived Hilton Head Island Marathon will find a home here.

I will see to it that expenses are reduced in excess of the $1.2 million in additional taxes that the other 6 candidates want to levy.


I understand why Drew is sitting on the sidelines wringing his hands and worrying about the reassessment of 2012 which will reduce tax revenues. It's because he has no idea how to generate new business to create new revenue to offset it. His only response thus far has been to suggest raising the atax or the sales tax 1% which of course is a total business killer coming out of a great recession.

The only thing I have done in business on this Island for the last 26 years is generate new business! New Leaf $4.5 million! Second Nature $4.5 million! The Farmers Market $2.2 million and growing strong!

I promise you I will use all my skills and experience and every ounce of energy I have to bring new business to this Island! I promise you I will re-energize this economy!

Please forward this to hundreds of your friends and please encourage them all on Nov 2nd to

Vote for Ed McCullough!!! Thank you!!!

Why no HHI Farmers' Market?

Why no HHI Farmers' Market?

Because the status quo leadership of Hilton Head Island said, "No thanks."

So Ed and his colleagues took the idea to Bluffton. Where it has surpassed all expectations.

I call it leadership.

Vote for Ed McCullough for Mayor of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (but only if you are a registered voter!).

Ed is using Facebook in place of money to get the word out, check this short video clip out and then forward it to your friends and family. Almost everyone knows someone who lives on the island:

Ed promotes Facebook

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vote November Second

Hilton Head Island Town Council
will not conduct business as usual if Ed McCullough is elected

Leaders are most often made, not born.

For over twenty-five years Ed McCullough has been in training for his first, best destiny. We met in late 1997 or early 1998 at a Toastmasters club on the Island (Fast Trackers #7199) and became impassioned to see one another succeed. Ed gives without hesitation. I simply cannot imagine a resident on the island that has not been impacted by his passion. Most often without knowing it.

How is that possible?

Ed never works the angles, he simply is not a political creature. He wanders the island doing good mostly because he observes situations that need addressed. How cool is that?

One example: Too few people understand his commitment to the Boys and Girls Club. A few years ago there was a celebration at the new location celebrating the progress that had been made and the debt that had been retired. And yet he was not publicly recognized. He was just happy that it all happened according to a plan he created and implemented years ago after a board meeting on an island parking lot infested with drug dealers. A plan that forced him to operate almost alone against [edit: Ed just reminded me that the other brave soul in the parking lot that night was David Johnson. Another unsung hero, standing with him against] all odds and the nay sayers... a plan that forced him to locate the land... a plan that forced him to find a "payer source" to ensure that his efforts on behalf of the kids was not in vain. At the celebration, he was content to let the "suits" pat one another on the back. Simply basking in the light of knowing he made it happen.

There is no one better suited to entrust the future of Hilton Head Island.

I love my country

American Bumper Sticker

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ed McCullough commits to Heritage of Golf


Some folks have it, some don't.

Ed McCullough, candidate for Mayor, commits to finding a sponsor for the PGA Tour event known as the "Heritage of Golf" played every spring on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina the week after The Masters.
Pass it on.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

McCullough on YouTube Part 2

Ed McCullough
running for Mayor of Hilton Head Island, SC

Part 2

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

McCullough on YouTube Part 1

Ed McCullough
running for Mayor of Hilton Head Island, SC

Do you know Ed McCullough

Ed McCullough for Mayor
of Hilton Head Island, SC

Please get the word out to your friends, family and colleagues that live on the island paradise that Ed McCullough is a unique candidate:
Political affiliation: Fiscally Responsible Anti-Big Government Local Small Business Persons’ Party
Okay, there is no official party by that name, but you get the idea: Ed is serious about returning to the vision our forefathers had for America. He started his campaign by deciding to not raise any money.

Yes, you heard me correctly. He decided to demonstrate that actions are louder than words.

That might suggest Ed is not beholden to any special interest groups. How refreshing.

Check out his campaign headquarters (aka Facebook): 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

google voice and cinchcast

google voice, MacBook Air internal mic and cinchcast

Has a bit of that "speakerphone" echo, but seems more clear than my cell phone. Remember when Nokia owned the cell phone biz? I could only find two phones at the mall from what seemed like hundreds in the various vendor kiosks.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

2011 CTS Coupe

Cadillac CTS Coupe

My local dealer finally got one in! Black on black, of course... and it looks great. Now I have wait until Monday to test drive it... life can be so hard.

Of course as I pointed out in my last post, one in eight people on planet Earth do not have safe, clean drinking water and I am lamenting a 24 hour wait to test drive a $48K car that I don't really need... and really cannot afford at this moment in time.

But as some have rightly observed, borders that define countries are most definitely time sensitive, and so is my situation. Yours too. Which begs the question, what are you doing today to prepare your future for the life you hope to experience tomorrow? Or next year? Or at retirement?

If you don't challenge yourself, who will?

Before the sun sets today, get out and do some dream building. As I have pointed out numerous times, one thing that Sam Walton and Steve Jobs share with other successful folk is their ability to dream big dreams. What about you?

Friday, October 15, 2010



Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in eight of us.

charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. We use 100% of public donations to directly fund sustainable water solutions in areas of greatest need. Just $20 can give one person clean water for 20 years.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just show up

Work is often just showing up!

Having trouble getting motivated? Watching the clock instead of your "to do" list? Have the feeling that the grass would be greener on the other side, but with this economy you don't dare make waves?

Here is a great idea for recharging your batteries:

Get up, walk outside, and run around your building three times!

How do you feel now? Tired, right? Seriously, get some blood flowing. Throw that new stress relief toy at your newest neighbor... even if she is the owner of the company. She get its! In fact, it has never been easier to impress her. When a co-worker complains about the economy, jump and yell, "It's not the economy, stupid!"

Well, maybe not. But be sure to remark rather sternly that too many companies to name are having a great year for it to be the economy... did you ever think maybe the rules have changed?!

If not, why not?

Need help, give me a call.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
+1 330.SKI.0431

Saturday, October 09, 2010

24 Golden Boxcars

We each get 24 hours per day

Golden Boxcars

Some years ago I read where Mike Murdock called the 24 hours in a day, 24 golden boxcars. That image has stuck with me all these years. 

What are you doing with yours?

The right people first—then flawless execution™

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Northeast Ohio's Newest Biz Incubator

Main St. Stark

Small Biz Incubator 4 Stark County™
Picking up some steam over at my newest adventure, Main St. Stark. In fact, after months of looking for the perfect WordPress theme, I found it. Of course I was working on other aspects of the business at the same time. But without multitasking.

Check it out. And if you are in the Jackson-Belden Chamber of Commerce, give me a shout. We are one of its newest members. I have known Ruthanne Wilkof for almost a year, but heard good things about her team's efforts for much longer.

FYI: Membership in JBCC is a requirement for the companies we will help startup... but that is one of the details that is too early to share. {grin}

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey
Entrepreneur in Residence
Main St. Stark
1240 Lincoln Way East
Suite 134
Massillon, OH 44646
+1 330.SKI.0431

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Metrics

More Metrics Penny wise and pound foolish? In business as well as life it is easy to "cost justify" mistakes that rob you (or worse, your business) of important cash... much needed cash. Take something as simple as paper for your printer as an example. A single ream of suitable general purpose copier paper is like $3.99 each. Which might last 30 or 40 days, maybe more. But a name brand office supply company is running a 50% off sale on cartons of copier paper for $18.99 for 10 reams. Which is the better deal? If you are a startup with limited cash and limited printing needs, it would be easy to say that not spending the extra $15.00 could not possibly make a difference. So you might be tempted to spend it and get the carton. You will need the paper, right? Wrong I have seen this scenario too many times... in numerous businesses in various industries. So, how do we stop wrongheaded thinking? By exposing the core issue: lack of systems thinking. I love the TV series Life about the cop that was framed and served twelve hard years before having the findings reversed. He discovered Zen while doing time, and picked up his life after release without any malice. Thank you Hulu dot com. Check it out, it is a refreshing experience. Both seasons are online for a while longer. But I digress... We must fight "cost world thinking" (aka local optima) with a Zen like love of exploration for the true ramifications. Like Charlie Crews of Life would. That $15.00 will quickly become ten times that before the week is over and that becomes over $600 a month. Which might make a big dent in some major expense, like rent! Consider the road trip. My favorite classroom. I have the Kings of Entrepreneurship and Business in the car with me on each and every trip. Right there on my iPod is Les Brown, Guy Kawasaki, and Jim Collins to name just three. Along side Dylan and Clapton, for sure! You probably know my name because of one such case: the road trip I made in November 2000 when I heard Eli Goldratt speak "live and in person" for the first time. Driving back to Hilton Head Island from Indianapolis into the night, I was tempted to stop and get a motel room for the night. As I recall, I drove up on a Wednesday after a leaving a client's office, driving through the night. Got to Naptown early in the morning and was able to check into my Thursday night room at 7am. I do that a lot. In other words, I did not have a hotel bill for Wednesday night. Attended the Necessary But Not Sufficient roll-out on Thursday and Friday until noon, then hit the road. Driving back into the night, I had recently purchased a Sony digital recorder, and captured a number of ideas that lead to my launching of TOCreview magazine... which gave way to "this, that and the other" and here we are now. Because I understood that a penny not spent today, was going to be worth two or three dollars tomorrow. Bottom line: watch the pennies and the dollars have a better chance of rolling in! Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah +1 330.SKI.0431 ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Monday, September 27, 2010

SKI on cinchcast for Throughput

More Throughput Please

Throughput is just the beginning
Throughput is just the beginning...
The official Constraints Management definition:
Throughput is the rate at which the system
generates money through sales.
—from The Goal
Notice the emphasis on "sales" and not production. To further explain, we do not count labor. Only the truly variable costs. Yes, I know... this takes some getting "use" to... but when you get your mind around the three simple measurements required to make money now (and even more money in the future), you will thank me. Honest.
Consider the hotel that has 76 rooms to rent each night. Forget RevPAR (the measurement that most organizations in hotel management want you to maximize)! Throughput is key.
Say that you are running about 70% occupancy week in and week out. If I were to mentor you as an owner of a hotel, I would ask you to determine the amount of money it takes to get just one room ready to rent after it has been rented the night before.
Your bank notes require the same exact payment each month, regardless the number of rooms rented. Same with housekeeping: you will not add any additional personnel if you rented just one more room last night. You probably will find that it costs about $7.00 to "restore" a room in a chain like a Days Inn for rent tonight, if that room was rented last night.
Yep, seven bucks!
Do you understand the ramifications? I doubt it. Why? In college they most often teach two kinds of accounting: cost accounting and managerial (yes, this is grossly oversimplified... isn't that refreshing?).
If you get an Associate degree from most American institutions of higher learning, you probably won't get any exposure to managerial accounting. How sad. But I digress...
Forget "cost accounting" if you are trying to make money. Leave the concept to your CPA. Please! Ask her if you could please use "cash method" vs. the "accrual method" to run your business. That would be a giant leap towards understanding throughput. But I digress...
Bottom line: if it costs you just $7.00 to prepare a room for rent, why did you refuse to accept a discount at 11:27pm last night? Better yet, why do you refuse to "match" the online price offered by priceline dot com when you have empty rooms?
Do you know how many times I have cost you real money? When traveling, I look up the price for a room online then call the facility directly and offer the same money. In eight years, no one has ever accepted. So, I go back online and book the room.
Now, you get to pay the central reservation a fee for my room on top of the $7.00.
How stupid
You can make excuses or you can make money. The two are most often mutually exclusive.
Need help uncovering how throughput works in your business?
Call me.
Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
+1 330.SKI.0431
P.S. Throughput is the first of three metrics for making money... stay tuned for the other two.
©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

CTS-V Coupe

Cadillac 2011 CTS-V Coupe
Cadillac 2011 CTS-V Coupe
I have been waiting to see the CTS 2 door Coupe show up (it was due in July?) at my local dealer... when this link for the "V" edition shows up:
$64K Seems a little high at the moment.
But it looks like it will be a blast to drive!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Goal (redux)

The Goal by Eli Goldratt The Goal by Eli Goldratt
It has been about a year or so since my last reading of this classic and so, I began skimming it a couple of days ago... only to start rereading it from the beginning today.
In my spare time I am also writing the much awaited (at least for me!) sequel to Purple Curve Effect: Ninety Day Wonders (a working title). Almost from the very beginning of Goldratt's book, the challenge in this business novel is painted in the form of a ninety day mission to save the manufacturing plant.
More than enough time
You probably cannot imagine the frustration I face every time I hear of prospects (or even suspects or mere leads) talk about plans over the next year or two to "turn around" their business. Not known for my restraint, it takes all my will power to keep from jumping up and down and shouting out, "How stupid!"
I plan to reveal 90 cases or where I personally have implemented miracles in just 90 days. Both in my personal affairs as well as business settings that will probably amaze too many folks.
Why do I say "too many" folks will be amazed?
Much like the failure of public education to address basic "goal setting" as a prerequisite for life, business programs have failed to properly frame problem solving. Let me give you a hint (from page 30 of my second revised copy of The Goal):
... your thinking is wrong
So, if you are facing challenges at work, Stop. Drop. Roll. Put out the fires of complacency and take up the mantle of throughput! Which I define simply as more money in your pocket now, and even more money in the future.
If you are in Northeast Ohio, give me a call. I can help.
However, I do bring one assumption to the table: that you are a SME (subject matter expert) in whatever business you have created. For example, if you build widgets, then I expect you to know a lot more than the average person about building of widgets in various sizes, colors, and configurations. As the expression goes, I am happy "to give you your due" in the matter of widgets.
The rest is simple (but not necessarily easy!)
Want to blow out the fourth Quarter of this year?
Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

more on 90 Day wonders

Ninety days is move than enough time to turn your business around. Want proof? Call me.

Facebook or LinkedIn?

Please help me welcome guest blogger and Internet Marketing Coach & Consultant, Todd Jones Facebook or LinkedIn? Over the past year or so I have been privy to conversations between business owners, business coaches, and marketers regarding whether someone should be using Facebook or LinkedIn for generating interest in a product or service and building networks. The answer usually comes down to whether a person’s business is a B2C or B2B. Common wisdom says (or at least the people in these discussions have said) if you’re a B2C go for Facebook, and if you’re a B2B go for LinkedIn. This is logical and some people may be saying “Duh, no kidding.” But there’s a slip-up you could make. The key to this is, where social media is concerned, you need to be where your prospects’ prospects are. For example, a CPA uses LinkedIn because she wants to meet and network with other business owners. Some of her good prospects are B2B and some are B2C. Her prospects who are B2C will probably be on Facebook, so she needs to be on Facebook as well. So to effectively take advantage of social media, she really needs to be on Facebook and LinkedIn. A second example is of a tailor who custom makes suits for some pretty senior, wealthy business executives. These executives are a mix of B2B and B2C, so again, our tailor should be using Facebook and LinkedIn because that’s where his target market lives. Another thing to keep in mind is anyone who uses LinkedIn probably uses Facebook and vice-versa. We are talking about people after all, and just because someone is using LinkedIn for business doesn’t mean they’re not also building a network of other professionals on Facebook in the evenings. Bottom line is, use them both. It can’t hurt. And with social media sites’ abilities to cross pollinate your updates and content, you can efficiently use several simultaneously. Todd Jones Newpoint Marketing ©2010 Todd Jones. Permission granted to reprint.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ideas while you wait

Ideas by SKI while you wait How much would you pay for a breakthrough? The other day I was talking to a client about the sales process he uses to close deals. We talked about this issue the week before that one. And the week before that. When all of sudden the light bulb ignites and I have this flash of brilliance. Honest. Do you understand the concept of a leverage point? A challenge or issue (or some may say a problem) in one step of your sales process that most often derails the whole process? And more times than not, will actually cause you to lose the sale? Great! Honest, that is great news. Because that suggests the answer to blowing the roof off your sales projections just got ten times easier! How so? You already know, but I will tell you one more time. For free. When given lemons, make lemonade Too fast for you? Okay, let's step through the issue and the resulting breakthrough that should give my client at least a ten-fold bump in sales in the next 90 days. But I have to change the setting and industry to protect my client. Let's go back to one of my favorite environments: technology. Also, let's define the environment (or assumptions as I prefer to call all those details that most folks pay too little attention):
  • In this example, we use the "two call close"
  • The product is a physical item, but considered to be an intangible
  • To keep it short, we will skip the prospecting and qualification processes
So, there you have it. Short and sweet. Like looking through a magnifying glass at just the two sales calls that "should" result in "closing" the sale, as Zig Ziglar might say. On the first call the salesman (generic term for species of man engaged in the selling process) works their magic and simply "finds a need" that the prospect has, and it just so happens, the salesman's company can solve. For this scenario, lets suggest that the prospect is the IT/IS Manager for a manufacturing firm in a nearby town. The salesman represents a company that sells CAD software. Computer Aided Design software that potentially could save the prospect's company thousands of dollars each month from several "features" that help define the offering. Makes sense so far, right? Basically the salesman, let's call her Suzie, gathers the data on the prospect's company, let's call it WIIFM Inc. A play on the old adage, "What's In It For Me?" Suzie is a professional with years of experience. Knows the challenges WIIFM is facing and how the solution will absolutely save thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars each month. Gathers up all the details and heads back to her office to build the proposal. So far, so good, right? Here is the million dollar idea... wait for it... Suzie knows the reason for every sale she has lost the last five years. Do you? So I ask Suzie, where do the wheels come off the deal when you fail to get a signature on the dotted line when you make your final presentation? If you don't know this answer for your efforts, I cannot help you. But I digress... Suzie responds: All the deals that fail to close share one trait, the person that assured me they are the decision-maker for my solution says something like:
"Let me review this with fill_in_the_blank and get back to you."
See the problem? It does not matter if they say they need to review it with their boss or the Comptroller or even the President of the company, the results are the same. Mostly likely the deal is dead. Why? You have spent years learning how to effectively answer objections concerning your company's solution. You know the product inside and out. How well can your prospect represent it to her boss? Exactly. The million dollar solution: Do not make the second call and presentation without the prospect's fill_in_the_blank in attendance. Period. In other words, when you schedule the follow up where you present the solution, tell the prospect we need fill_in_the_blank in the room, and can they please confirm that person will attend? I know, sounds too simple, right? Please don't make selling any more difficult than it already is! In some circles, getting the prospect to commit to having their superior at the final presentation is called, "posture." Stand your ground firmly and make it clear that this is a requirement. Otherwise, 20% of the time you might close the sale, but 80% of them will get away. Need help moving your business to the promised land of financial success? The timing has never been better for "outcome" driven organizations to take charge and make it happen... with the right catalyst. Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Need more Sales?

Link to register: Not sure if this webinar is for you? Let's talk. Complete this form on MainStreetCanton and I will follow up. ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

iTunes gets it wrong

iTunes gets it WRONG iTunes fine print: All sales and rentals of products are final. I have fifty-seven (57) iPhone apps for my iPod touch and have tried others (mostly free apps) then deleted them. I just got burnt! Bought a $0.99 "ssh" app that simply does not work. It is not the money, honest, I throw more than a buck away every day on stupid stuff. Plus, I must have my cup of coffee most every morning (which is a buck at my local McDs) and what I make at home just isn't the same. But I digress... The problem is Apple I cannot think of anything bad I have ever said about Apple since 1984 when I bought my first Mac (yes, I was on the waiting list in February 1984). I have owned at least three macs (maybe more!) and own three iPods including the iTouch and have given several more away as gifts over the years. Even (RED) ones. So, when Apple says that all iTunes purchases are final, I say WRONG. If you are unable to to verify each and every app, in each and every release, for each and every platform that enables the installation of the app, then you no longer have the right to make all sales final. IMNSHO Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey

Friday, September 10, 2010

What a Thursday

Yesterday, I awoke at 4:00am I cannot say why. But is was an amazing adventure. Ups. Downs. Over hill and dale. Such is life, right? So what? Any day you start out by jumping on a motorcycle before sunrise is a great day! A little brisk, but overall a nice day for making tracks on a motorized open air vehicle. The Kaw Nomad never disappoints; even having just passed 66,000 miles. Before you ask, no, I did not buy it new. But in two years have put about 8,000 miles on it. Including a great trek through most of South Carolina last year. Or was it the year before? What ever... I digress. The older one gets, the more often we tend to slow down. Except I seem to be more excited and motivated than ever. Hard to explain, but easy to enjoy. Are you making a difference? If not, why not? Oh yea, remember to avoid the "Left Turns" that tempt... Try getting up early tomorrow and DO something! -ski P.S. Want to help put America back to work? Check out my latest adventure: ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

still time to register

The Solopreneur’s Sales & Marketing Advisory Board™ Don’t Go It Alone Any More! Register online: See you in the morning! -ski

Monday, September 06, 2010

Main Street Canton, Ohio

SKI presents MainStreetCanton dot com Main Street Canton, Ohio A new kind of business incubator, focusing on NEOhio and the entrepreneurs that call this part of America home. So, if you were waiting on an invitation, this is it: Stark county: This is your wake up call™ ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Ed McCullough for Mayor

Ed McCullough for Mayor of Hilton Head Island Ed McCullough for Mayor of Hilton Head Island, SC Be sure to join Ed's Official Facebook page. I am pleased to support in any way possible my friend's bid for Mayor. As some of you may recall, Ed wrote an amazing article on Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point for my business magazine, TOCreview back in 2001. However, we actually met in the Fast Trackers Toastmasters club on the island in 1997. That is a long time ago... and yet it seems like just yesterday. If you live on the island, I ask that you consider voting for Ed. If you are one of the few people that have yet to meet him in person (and that must be a small percentage!) please walk up to him and introduce yourself. Tell him, "SKI sent me!" Then, ask him to tell you how the Boys & Girls Club came to be located where it is today. And how the funding happened. The answer will amaze. It did me, and I knew him for years before he happened to tell me the story! Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to reprint small portions of this post for the promotion of Ed McCullough for Mayor.

Let's talk stats

Twitter Stats Great twitter app... Ever thought about measuring your twitter account? Now you can.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Why do my Sales suck?

Why do my Sales suck? Telling ain't Selling... Ever heard the expression, "You don't know, what it is that you do not know"? Common sense, right? Not so fast. Everyone is quick to agree with the statement, "The rules have changed." But what changes have you made to your business, your Sales and Marketing efforts to be precise, in light of this wisdom? Probably like too many privately held firms, you cut back support staff. Probably asked the sales personnel to take on more administrative duties? Maybe even asked them to "manage" or direct the projects that they have sold. After all, who should know more about the terms of the agreement than the person who sold it? And then, you wonder why sales are falling month in and month out. Quarter after quarter. Notice a trend here? A not so good trend? So, when were you going to stop the merry-go-round and rethink the problem? Let me give you a hint: the best Sales process puts each sales person in front of four qualified and motivated leads each day, five days a week. Week in and week out. Month in and month out. Quarter by quarter. If you are ready to cry "uncle" and throw in the towel on your broken Sales process, join me on Wednesday, September 8th in Canton, Ohio at 7:45am for two hours that will simply we-wire your brain for results. What we call "outcomes" not benefits, or features, or advantages. Outcomes What a refreshing approach. Seating is limited, but free. Registration is required: Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah (330) 754-0431 P.S. Enjoy Labor Day, you have been working way too hard. Run your various Sales Reports on Tuesday. Bring them with you on Wednesday. It is that simple. Honest. The right people first—then flawless execution™ ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More on synergy

Synergy is 1+1 equaling 27 It's not about time... Or the lack of time. Like boiling water, which won't if you are watching and waiting for it to happen... synergy is what happens when two elements meet without much fanfare and without strict time lines. 1+1=27™
In fact, it is a mantra for my Social Media business, and serves simply as a reminder that breakthroughs occur not because they are so well planned, but more so for the people doing the planning. Which leads us to the mantra for
The right people first—then flawless execution™
Mantras are important. Synergy more so. But the right people are key. Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah Office: (330) 754-0431 ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Personal invitation to increase your ROI

Seating is limited, register today! "Outcomes" is the new watchword for 2011 ...
"I generated 1028.6% return on investment in just 90 days using the Solopreneur's Sales & Marketing Advisory Board." —Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey
What outcomes are you trying to produce? Are you trying to do it alone? Bottom line? I attended the free introductory "Growth Business Seminar" and then signed up, jumped in with both feet, and then licensed the program in order to offer this amazing breakthrough approach to my clients and colleagues. It is that good. On Wednesday, September 8th (yes, two days after Labor Day) at 7:45am I will present that same introduction for a limited audience in Canton, Ohio. It was the best two hours of instruction for my career yet! Attendees will learn the single most important marketing issue to address, and the six questions all prospects want answered before they buy. Learn how to obtain constructive advice, workable suggestions, accountability and insight into the best practices that allow for maximum results! Additional details and registration: Free to attend! Pre-registration is required and seating is limited to ten (10) entrepreneurs wanting to make it happen in their business sooner rather than later. -ski Office: (330) 754-0431 Mobile: (330) 432-3533 P.S. Not for you? Consider sharing this message with your network of entrepreneurs in NE Ohio who would like to turbo charge their efforts. ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am not interested in any of that

Why do youu think they call it Cold Calling? How do you stay sharp? Me? I work the phones. How fun is that! Well, actually, not much fun at all. Seth Godin is both brilliant and a bozo (like most of us)... he is 100% right when he claims that "interruption selling" doesn't work. He is wrong when he decries the death of traditional book publishing. But I digress... Yesterday, I happened on this interesting company in Canton, Ohio and so a little research produced very little intel. So more research was in order. A few more interesting facts came to life. So I crafted an email, fired it off promising a call today, and sure enough when I called, the lead responded in short order, "I am not interested in any of that." So, what is the take away? Basically, although this company is a lead (a company within my target both geographically and as a business type I have experience with) it is not a suspect. In other words, I could not get permission to share my vision for their breakthrough. If you did not know, without permission, you cannot and should not proceed to "chase" the lead. Now what? I hate to give up. Almost as much as I hate to loose. So, after investing about 20 minutes on researching this lead and about 30 seconds on the phone learning that I was basically an interruption, I have a decision to make. In all honesty a very easy decision if I frame it properly. "In what ways might I leverage this experience?" Or as Zig Ziglar or Ron Finklestein might ask, "How might this experience take me closer to my goals?" I would suggest yet another possible query: Is this a left turn? Tell me that you remember that great post from a year ago: Avoid the Left Turn? The short answer is this: as they are not in LinkedIn and therefore, of limited value as a reference for me, so I will not pursue them, the competition, or the supply chain that feeds the company. I have a personal goal of making at least four sales presentations a day to qualified prospects, and this lead has quickly shown me that a lot of time, too much time, would be required to properly frame my offering. The bottom line: I need to work on better qualification of leads. I just knew this guy wasn't a Jerome for a number of reasons, but still, I had to pick up the phone. In sales, fear of that phone will kill your career quicker than you can say, "All sales are final!" That insight is worth every second that I invested. Next? -ski ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.