Thursday, October 07, 2010

Northeast Ohio's Newest Biz Incubator

Main St. Stark

Small Biz Incubator 4 Stark County™
Picking up some steam over at my newest adventure, Main St. Stark. In fact, after months of looking for the perfect WordPress theme, I found it. Of course I was working on other aspects of the business at the same time. But without multitasking.

Check it out. And if you are in the Jackson-Belden Chamber of Commerce, give me a shout. We are one of its newest members. I have known Ruthanne Wilkof for almost a year, but heard good things about her team's efforts for much longer.

FYI: Membership in JBCC is a requirement for the companies we will help startup... but that is one of the details that is too early to share. {grin}

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey
Entrepreneur in Residence
Main St. Stark
1240 Lincoln Way East
Suite 134
Massillon, OH 44646
+1 330.SKI.0431
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