Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vote November Second

Hilton Head Island Town Council
will not conduct business as usual if Ed McCullough is elected

Leaders are most often made, not born.

For over twenty-five years Ed McCullough has been in training for his first, best destiny. We met in late 1997 or early 1998 at a Toastmasters club on the Island (Fast Trackers #7199) and became impassioned to see one another succeed. Ed gives without hesitation. I simply cannot imagine a resident on the island that has not been impacted by his passion. Most often without knowing it.

How is that possible?

Ed never works the angles, he simply is not a political creature. He wanders the island doing good mostly because he observes situations that need addressed. How cool is that?

One example: Too few people understand his commitment to the Boys and Girls Club. A few years ago there was a celebration at the new location celebrating the progress that had been made and the debt that had been retired. And yet he was not publicly recognized. He was just happy that it all happened according to a plan he created and implemented years ago after a board meeting on an island parking lot infested with drug dealers. A plan that forced him to operate almost alone against [edit: Ed just reminded me that the other brave soul in the parking lot that night was David Johnson. Another unsung hero, standing with him against] all odds and the nay sayers... a plan that forced him to locate the land... a plan that forced him to find a "payer source" to ensure that his efforts on behalf of the kids was not in vain. At the celebration, he was content to let the "suits" pat one another on the back. Simply basking in the light of knowing he made it happen.

There is no one better suited to entrust the future of Hilton Head Island.

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