Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Goal (redux)

The Goal by Eli Goldratt The Goal by Eli Goldratt
It has been about a year or so since my last reading of this classic and so, I began skimming it a couple of days ago... only to start rereading it from the beginning today.
In my spare time I am also writing the much awaited (at least for me!) sequel to Purple Curve Effect: Ninety Day Wonders (a working title). Almost from the very beginning of Goldratt's book, the challenge in this business novel is painted in the form of a ninety day mission to save the manufacturing plant.
More than enough time
You probably cannot imagine the frustration I face every time I hear of prospects (or even suspects or mere leads) talk about plans over the next year or two to "turn around" their business. Not known for my restraint, it takes all my will power to keep from jumping up and down and shouting out, "How stupid!"
I plan to reveal 90 cases or where I personally have implemented miracles in just 90 days. Both in my personal affairs as well as business settings that will probably amaze too many folks.
Why do I say "too many" folks will be amazed?
Much like the failure of public education to address basic "goal setting" as a prerequisite for life, business programs have failed to properly frame problem solving. Let me give you a hint (from page 30 of my second revised copy of The Goal):
... your thinking is wrong
So, if you are facing challenges at work, Stop. Drop. Roll. Put out the fires of complacency and take up the mantle of throughput! Which I define simply as more money in your pocket now, and even more money in the future.
If you are in Northeast Ohio, give me a call. I can help.
However, I do bring one assumption to the table: that you are a SME (subject matter expert) in whatever business you have created. For example, if you build widgets, then I expect you to know a lot more than the average person about building of widgets in various sizes, colors, and configurations. As the expression goes, I am happy "to give you your due" in the matter of widgets.
The rest is simple (but not necessarily easy!)
Want to blow out the fourth Quarter of this year?
Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
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