Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Welcome Yet Another Jonah... This guest blogger is from America's heart land: Iowa. The latest to share their thoughts having recently completed the Jonah3+3™ course, featuring master instructor H. William Dettmer. Introducing Eric Brasch, Jonah I recently completed Bill Dettmer’s Logical Thinking Process Course (Jonah3+3). For me, it was incredible. I came out light years ahead of where I thought I would be. Before the class started Bill stated that I wouldn’t look at the world the same way once I completed the class. He was correct. In addition to in-depth learning of the TP, the class gave me a head start on some key issues within one of our business units. I’ve been home for a few weeks and have been able to hit the ground running with the TP inside of my areas of control. In addition, I’m working with a group leader to put his plans into a Future Reality Tree. Right now we are trimming negative branches and shoring it up. Our class was in Port Angeles, Washington. During the weekdays, there was very little time for anything but the class, eating and sleeping. However the weekend allowed me to see some sights that one doesn’t normally get to explore in Iowa. About 80 miles from Port Angeles are spectacular beaches and even a temperate rain forest. Iowa has… corn. I strongly suspect that I will be back in that area on a vacation at some point. This is an absolutely beautiful place. Other things of note about the class:
  • Bill’s teaching style covers all of the bases. He provides verbal explanations and visual tutorials. I learned the most when we got into building the trees.
  • Probably one of the more impressive things about Bill is his ability to analyze and really get into your tree. At times it felt like playing blackjack with Rainman…he knew what the next card (or in this case missing entity) was going to be before I did.
  • Bill’s training is top notch and I came out of the class far more confident than when I went in.
  • In addition to his teaching abilities, Bill was a wonderful host.
I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested. Thank you Bill and SKI. Eric Brasch, Jonah