Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More on synergy

Synergy is 1+1 equaling 27 It's not about time... Or the lack of time. Like boiling water, which won't if you are watching and waiting for it to happen... synergy is what happens when two elements meet without much fanfare and without strict time lines.
SocMedia.us: 1+1=27™
In fact, it is a mantra for my Social Media business, www.SocMedia.us and serves simply as a reminder that breakthroughs occur not because they are so well planned, but more so for the people doing the planning. Which leads us to the mantra for www.Throughput.us:
The right people first—then flawless execution™
Mantras are important. Synergy more so. But the right people are key. Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah Office: (330) 754-0431 ski@throughput.us ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Personal invitation to increase your ROI

Seating is limited, register today! "Outcomes" is the new watchword for 2011 ...
"I generated 1028.6% return on investment in just 90 days using the Solopreneur's Sales & Marketing Advisory Board." —Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey
What outcomes are you trying to produce? Are you trying to do it alone? Bottom line? I attended the free introductory "Growth Business Seminar" and then signed up, jumped in with both feet, and then licensed the program in order to offer this amazing breakthrough approach to my clients and colleagues. It is that good. On Wednesday, September 8th (yes, two days after Labor Day) at 7:45am I will present that same introduction for a limited audience in Canton, Ohio. It was the best two hours of instruction for my career yet! Attendees will learn the single most important marketing issue to address, and the six questions all prospects want answered before they buy. Learn how to obtain constructive advice, workable suggestions, accountability and insight into the best practices that allow for maximum results! Additional details and registration: http://www.throughput.us/ssmab/ Free to attend! Pre-registration is required and seating is limited to ten (10) entrepreneurs wanting to make it happen in their business sooner rather than later. -ski Office: (330) 754-0431 Mobile: (330) 432-3533 P.S. Not for you? Consider sharing this message with your network of entrepreneurs in NE Ohio who would like to turbo charge their efforts. ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am not interested in any of that

Why do youu think they call it Cold Calling? How do you stay sharp? Me? I work the phones. How fun is that! Well, actually, not much fun at all. Seth Godin is both brilliant and a bozo (like most of us)... he is 100% right when he claims that "interruption selling" doesn't work. He is wrong when he decries the death of traditional book publishing. But I digress... Yesterday, I happened on this interesting company in Canton, Ohio and so a little research produced very little intel. So more research was in order. A few more interesting facts came to life. So I crafted an email, fired it off promising a call today, and sure enough when I called, the lead responded in short order, "I am not interested in any of that." So, what is the take away? Basically, although this company is a lead (a company within my target both geographically and as a business type I have experience with) it is not a suspect. In other words, I could not get permission to share my vision for their breakthrough. If you did not know, without permission, you cannot and should not proceed to "chase" the lead. Now what? I hate to give up. Almost as much as I hate to loose. So, after investing about 20 minutes on researching this lead and about 30 seconds on the phone learning that I was basically an interruption, I have a decision to make. In all honesty a very easy decision if I frame it properly. "In what ways might I leverage this experience?" Or as Zig Ziglar or Ron Finklestein might ask, "How might this experience take me closer to my goals?" I would suggest yet another possible query: Is this a left turn? Tell me that you remember that great post from a year ago: Avoid the Left Turn? The short answer is this: as they are not in LinkedIn and therefore, of limited value as a reference for me, so I will not pursue them, the competition, or the supply chain that feeds the company. I have a personal goal of making at least four sales presentations a day to qualified prospects, and this lead has quickly shown me that a lot of time, too much time, would be required to properly frame my offering. The bottom line: I need to work on better qualification of leads. I just knew this guy wasn't a Jerome for a number of reasons, but still, I had to pick up the phone. In sales, fear of that phone will kill your career quicker than you can say, "All sales are final!" That insight is worth every second that I invested. Next? -ski ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Why connect

I was taken aback...
"Why are you interested in joining my network?"
Let me count the ways! In over five hundred connections on LinkedIn (LI) and I can only recall a couple (maybe three) attempts where the person that I reached out to, came back with something similar to the latest reply. I had noticed this person's response in LI's Q&A in a group I follow, and complimented the person. Looked at her profile, and noticed some interesting vectors that suggested this person was "smarter than the average" person, was "two connections away" from me and had 100+ connections. So I offered to connect. Innocent enough, or so I thought And yet, came back the query, "Why?" So, rather than explain this (I do not type anymore than is absolutely necessary), I made my apology and thought that was the end of it. Not so fast...
"I am not offended, just curious. And you still have not answered my question."
Most interesting So, rather than write this response for one person, I offer it here, and will share the link with this (now even more) interesting person. Why? Some have called them a "teachable moment" but that grammar confuses me (how can a "moment" be taught? a person, sure... but a moment in time???) Although I am a member of the LI group, Open Networker, this person, let's call her Lynn, is not. By the way, I get maybe one "open" request a month. Not the abuse I expected. In fact, I spend on the average as much as two hours a day on LI (actually, throughout the day and night, like now, after 10pm). It is that good of a tool for growing my business, connecting with like minded professionals, and a great way to "pay it forward" via the Q&A and groups ... but I digress. So Lynn, I hope this meets your definition of an explanation. If you were hoping for some dark and deep secrets, sorry to disappoint. I was tempted to recount how I came to understand the "socializing" or "connecting" drive within, but decided to attempt to keep this reasonably short. Hint: If you haven't yet, consider checking out Gladwell's book, "The Tipping Point." I am "all three" of his personalities, but most often the connector. Bottom line: I am interested in meeting interesting professionals that are making a difference in the world. Nothing more complex. Just a simple man with a desire to grow beyond my present programming... -ski ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Jet Pool LLC

Jet Pool LLC. Jetpool, founded in 2004, is a Charlotte-based and veteran-owned jet management, shares, and Part 135 Charter provider comprising experienced pilots, mechanics and businessmen with a passion for flight and a commitment to providing turnkey air travel solutions scaled to the client's need. www.flyJetPool.com

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Asset Protection Seminar

Take control of your Standard of Living! Brandt Financial Strategies presents a seminar on protecting not just your assets but your life style! Time is running out, and seating is limited. Register online now: www.ProtectYourFuture.info Or call Brandt Financial Strategies at (330) 492-3200 Check out the WHLO radio spot for this Summer Tour 2010 stop...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bowling for Partners

Pin Action For the bowlers out there, how many pins does the bowling ball actually make contact with when you get a strike? Out of ten pins, I would suggest three or four at most. Maybe five. So, how do the other pins fall down? Pin action! On LinkedIn, a colleague asked a few pointed questions, and I agreed to respond via my blog as I believe others may need this insight as well. Here are queries:
What is the best way to collaborate with a strategic partner so that neither entity gives up or dilutes their brand?
First, this is a non issue. Under no circumstance should one business "take a back seat" to another. Consider Goodyear Eagle tires for that brand new Chevy Corvette. Would GM allow all promotion for the Vette be done by Goodyear? Of course not. Does Goodyear rely on GM to promote it's tires? No way. If Goodyear makes makes tires for the Ford Mustang, does that diminish the value to the Vette owner? Not at all. In the motorcycle industry, I know of cases where tire manufacturers worked with custom builders to introduce some of the wider tires (like the 330mm and the 360mm sizes). A win-win situation for both. So, how can you leverage "a better solution" by the synergy created from your two entities? That is the real question
Can we each have our own business cards?
You better! Does Goodyear rely on the sale of Vettes alone for business? No.
How do we handle phone calls (we say our company name and they say theirs)?
This question no longer seems relevant, does it?
We work in the same geographic area, should we attend networking events as our own company?
Definitely! Think of the Venn diagram. You will attract clients that for whatever reason, don't want to buy from your "new, best friend." Do you turn them away? Not me! Does this help? if not, let's talk. Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
(330) 432-3533 www.throughput.us ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved. All known trademarks or service marks within this post are the property of their respective owners and have been properly capitalized.

Vote for SKI

Help SKI win a new vocalocity phone system Be sure to Vote! I need your vote because I want to win this vocalocity phone system. Your support is appreciated. Thanks. -ski P.S. Please share this 20,000 of your dearest friends!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hospitality 2010

SKI on Hospitality The Pineapple International sign of hospitality. My involvement with the industry took center stage in 1998 when AHA (American Hospitality Academy) requested a new computer application. Over the years I have been privileged to work on some great projects with Cindi Reiman and the team at AHA. What started as an eCommerce solution helped me transition my business consulting with an emphasis on strategy. In fact, today, I do very little technology consulting. It is 80% Business Strategy and Implementation. With special focus on the Sales & Marketing functions. But I digress... My clients have (and in some cases, still do) include a number of vacation rental companies in great get-a-way locations like Hilton Head Island, Myrtle Beach, and Gulf Shores. Plus old fashion institutions like hotels and motels in such spots, including my winter favorite, Ft. Lauderdale. I recall one case where the front desk staff almost refused to book rooms for guests. Why you might ask? Because the number of complaints were large and policy denied any refunds. Not under any circumstances. How do you turn such a situation around in just 90 days? Easy—determine the weakest link! There has never been a better time to purchase or expand that hospitality business than right now, Summer 2010. Does that mean everyone who does will be successful? Hardly. Consider common sense No, not "common practices" but common every day "kitchen sink logic" as a colleague calls it. In the case of that motel with a crew that hated renting rooms, the fix was easy, once the problem was properly analyzed. The short answer: we took seven rooms out of service that had no business being offered to guests, and immediately implemented a cheerful 100% money back guarantee. In my book, I call it testing. I suggest you test. Then test some more. Then do even more testing. If people want their money back, you did a terrible job managing expectations. Period It has nothing to do with price points or features. Need help? Call me. Before someone beats you to the draw. Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah (330) 432-3533 http://throughput.us The right people first—then flawless execution™ ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Victory Secrets of Attila the Hun

SKI on Attila the Hun and generating throughput
Are you a buyer or seller of the truth?
Me, I'm both.
I bought this book in April 1993. Amazing sidebar: there are readers of this blog that were born in 1993! So what did Attila know that I have yet to discover? That you have yet to discover? A lot.
In the close of one chapter talking about, "Tribal Togetherness" Attila advises chieftains to stop training the troops "only when winning is no longer important." Sound like advice from anyone you know? Beside me?
Few organizations understand training as well as my USMC
For our young readers a question: when you turn 18 will you seek out military service to your country as an honorable launching pad for your future. I did, and it was the key that made the rest of my life possible. Bold statement for sure, but one that I believe is true. This would probably be a good place to point out that I would reinstate the draft in America. Israel understands that too many governments want them driven from the face of the earth. Why can't our present administration understand we are in that same boat? But I digress...
If you are a business owner in America, the clock is running out on your ability to forge your own destiny. If winning is no longer for your business, then by all means, stop training. Otherwise, you might want to take a hint from Zig Ziglar: "Nothing happens until someone sells something."
That is something I can help you with...
Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Facilitator
Solopreneur's Sales & Marketing Advisory Board™
(330) 432-3533
SSMAB Flyer: Nine Principles for Inspired Action
©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.

Friday, August 06, 2010


Today's Guest post: Wally Bock's Three Star Leadership Letter:  


It's "Tomato Man" pronounced country-style. "Mater Man." That's what's written on his feed cap, in needlepoint done by his wife. He sells tomatoes and other produce at the farmer's market where we love to shop. And, as you might guess, he grows tomatoes. 

They're big and red and lovely and spectacularly delicious. We buy a case whenever we shop at the market. Mater Man also sells other produce, some of which he grows. There's butterbeans and squash and okra. There's watermelon and there's cantaloupe. Well, that is, there are all those things if they're good. If the butterbeans aren't good there are no butterbeans at Mater Man's stand. The prices aren't the lowest at the market, but they're fair. And you know what you buy from Mater Man will be top quality.  

Mater Man Rule #1: People will keep coming back if you have high standards and stick to them. Mater Man's produce is so good and his standards are so high, that you can use him as a gauge of what's coming into season or going out. And he's such an honest cuss that he'll tell you if someone else in the market has something better than his.  

Mater Man Rule #2: The best thing you can do is whatever's best for your customers. They remember. There are plenty of reasons to shop at Mater Man's stand, but we have a special one. It goes back to when we had just moved to Charlotte. Where we lived before, there was an ATM at the farmer's market. If you ran out of cash, you could just get more. Not in Charlotte. My wife found herself wanting more produce than she had cash. She asked Mater Man if he'd take a check, even though it had an out-of-town address. He said, "Sure. Do you need any cash to keep shopping?" Mater Man cashed my wife's out-of-town check for more than the amount of purchase. He never asked for ID. He just trusted us. Which is a big reason why we always shop at his stall.  

Mater Man Rule #3: Trust pays dividends. 

If you'd like to read more of my stuff, check out the THREE STAR LEADERSHIP BLOG.

Or catch updates and comments on Twitter. @wallybock 

©2010 Wally Bock. Permission granted to reprint.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August 2010

Welcome to August 2010 | Your month to exceed all throughput goals
Color me amazed
I seemed to have lost a whole month! What happened to July?
It's gone!
And with it, any chance to make anything else happen in July... at least for this year. How seriously do you take your calendar? The more driven I am to accomplish throughput, the more often I find myself reviewing my calendar. You?
P.S. Recall that I define "throughput" as more money in your pocket now, and even more money in your pockets in the future.