Monday, August 23, 2010

Why connect

I was taken aback...
"Why are you interested in joining my network?"
Let me count the ways! In over five hundred connections on LinkedIn (LI) and I can only recall a couple (maybe three) attempts where the person that I reached out to, came back with something similar to the latest reply. I had noticed this person's response in LI's Q&A in a group I follow, and complimented the person. Looked at her profile, and noticed some interesting vectors that suggested this person was "smarter than the average" person, was "two connections away" from me and had 100+ connections. So I offered to connect. Innocent enough, or so I thought And yet, came back the query, "Why?" So, rather than explain this (I do not type anymore than is absolutely necessary), I made my apology and thought that was the end of it. Not so fast...
"I am not offended, just curious. And you still have not answered my question."
Most interesting So, rather than write this response for one person, I offer it here, and will share the link with this (now even more) interesting person. Why? Some have called them a "teachable moment" but that grammar confuses me (how can a "moment" be taught? a person, sure... but a moment in time???) Although I am a member of the LI group, Open Networker, this person, let's call her Lynn, is not. By the way, I get maybe one "open" request a month. Not the abuse I expected. In fact, I spend on the average as much as two hours a day on LI (actually, throughout the day and night, like now, after 10pm). It is that good of a tool for growing my business, connecting with like minded professionals, and a great way to "pay it forward" via the Q&A and groups ... but I digress. So Lynn, I hope this meets your definition of an explanation. If you were hoping for some dark and deep secrets, sorry to disappoint. I was tempted to recount how I came to understand the "socializing" or "connecting" drive within, but decided to attempt to keep this reasonably short. Hint: If you haven't yet, consider checking out Gladwell's book, "The Tipping Point." I am "all three" of his personalities, but most often the connector. Bottom line: I am interested in meeting interesting professionals that are making a difference in the world. Nothing more complex. Just a simple man with a desire to grow beyond my present programming... -ski ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.
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