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Victory Secrets of Attila the Hun

SKI on Attila the Hun and generating throughput
Are you a buyer or seller of the truth?
Me, I'm both.
I bought this book in April 1993. Amazing sidebar: there are readers of this blog that were born in 1993! So what did Attila know that I have yet to discover? That you have yet to discover? A lot.
In the close of one chapter talking about, "Tribal Togetherness" Attila advises chieftains to stop training the troops "only when winning is no longer important." Sound like advice from anyone you know? Beside me?
Few organizations understand training as well as my USMC
For our young readers a question: when you turn 18 will you seek out military service to your country as an honorable launching pad for your future. I did, and it was the key that made the rest of my life possible. Bold statement for sure, but one that I believe is true. This would probably be a good place to point out that I would reinstate the draft in America. Israel understands that too many governments want them driven from the face of the earth. Why can't our present administration understand we are in that same boat? But I digress...
If you are a business owner in America, the clock is running out on your ability to forge your own destiny. If winning is no longer for your business, then by all means, stop training. Otherwise, you might want to take a hint from Zig Ziglar: "Nothing happens until someone sells something."
That is something I can help you with...
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