Saturday, February 11, 2012

SXSWi 2012

What's it in for you?

National exposure for sure, but also exposure to the tech and startup communities. Do you have goods or services that are consumed by other businesses? The B2B community is much more aware of the power and reach of SXSW in Austin, Texas. I am willing to use my 15 minutes of fame to shout your message.

Let's build a special promotion just for you.



Sunday, February 05, 2012

Help, I am Sinking

Ever had one of those days?

How do you even know who to call? Better question, if you only had one phone call before your mobile phone battery goes walk-about, could you be sure the person to whom you make that one call could help? If not, would they know someone better prepared to call on your behalf?


If your one call results in the standard response, or should I say results in the call-ee thinking the standard thoughts before responding, you have trouble. BIG trouble.

Solopreneurs have options that may not be obvious. It is not always about "figuring it out" all by yourself.  May I suggest two things?
  1. You want results. Positive, cost-effective, and often immediate results
  2. Help is as close as your computer and phone
Let's not make this any more difficult than it should be, however, allow me to frame your actions. Perhaps even determine the environment that will almost assuredly produce repeatable results:
  • You own and operate a small business
    • No absentee owners allowed
    • Gross sales at least $250K but less than $100MM
    • No more than 10 employees [and/or contractors]
  • You have "excess capacity"
    • A great rule of thumb you need to determine: if sales doubled, do you have the capacity to deliver?
    • Consider things like inventory levels, existing employee skill sets, working capital [with emphasis on CASH]
  • Please DO NOT allow your bean counters to help you formulate answers to this question
Okay, what's in it for you?


If you have excess capacity, then you lack the marketing insights necessary to consume those excesses. That is where I come in, the Marketing Mad Man.

Let's talk.
Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey
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