Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Start up 101

After 5+ years in the wilderness...

Life is what you make of it... no secret there. Or is it? I recently took time out to watch the movie, "The Secret." Guess what? It is right on!

How do I know? I live the secret every day!

My vRod is proof. My Merkur XR4Ti adventures. Living on Hilton Head Island, SC. After five plus years of retirement, I went back to work. Got a real job and everything. But building companies from the ground up is one of my real passions, and hence we are on the eve of the launch of Throughput.US LLC.

The first sequel to my run away best selling book, Purple Curve Effect, is taking form:

Startups: The Purple Curve Effect

It chronicles the creation and launch of Throughput.US LLC in just 90 days... for those who want to jump onto the fast track. Heavy on Col. John Boyd's work, H. William Dettmer's Strategic Navigation, and of course Thayer and my Purple Curve Effect.

Can't wait for the hard copy? Drop me a line asking for a sneek peek at the rough draft.


Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

tag: Purple Curve Effect

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