Monday, May 22, 2006

Sonny the Big Cat

The 3 Amigoes Jeff, Sonny, and JR Kinsey. 
July 2000 in Sea Pines Plantation on Hilton Head Island. 

A couple days ago, on May 19th my dad, Myron 'Sonny' Kinsey passed on to his reward. He will be missed. My son is in Ohio for the funeral. Going through family pictures, this one grabbed my attention.

Three generations of Kinseys. He would have been 71 years young today. Up until about two years ago, I greeted my dad by calling out to him, "Sonny the Big Cat!" It was with enthusiasm. With pride and excitement. Over the years, I watched him walk into many a CEOs' office and gain immediate attention and respect. Right past the secretary. Often, busting into the middle of on-going meetings. Nine out of 10 times, he was welcomed like a long lost friend. The odd event out, never seemed to bother him. 

He was on a mission. Like the Blues Brothers, he was on a Mission from God. He must have known the love and respect I had for him. It was his constant query about when would my book be done, that birthed it. And then he set about getting it printed. Two years ago, he asked me to stop calling him the big cat. He changed. The beginning of the end, I guess. Much easier to see with hindsight... I miss him more than words could ever convey.  

My dad with my daughter and son twenty years ago! -jeff
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