Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fourth Tenet

Mission Impossible III Tom Cruise rode a Confederate Motors (CM) F131 Hellcat to the premier of his latest installment of the classic "Mission Impossible." I have kept CM founder Matt Chamber's quote on my desktop since seeing the quote in Fast Company. It speaks to me on several levels, first as a businessman, but also as a lover of custom American motorcycles. Purple Curve Effect Tenet Four:
  • Want to increase your "luck"? Focus on your weakest link!

Matt Chambers did just that in his company with this quote. There are a lot of "wanna be" bike builders in the world of custom American choppers and pro streets. Me included. If it is about the Benjamin's, it probably won't work. Passion sets the Confederate line on a path almost all its own. Whether you like the bikes or not, is not the issue. For the enthusiast that does, s/he can become passionate about their bike. Kinda like me and my Red Horse Turismo Signature Edition motorcycles.

Purple Curve Insight Four:

  • Recall the Tower of Babel?

How many readers caught the connection between the fourth tenet and this insight? It is profound, and easily recognized when applied to a real life example. Like Confederate.

When the message coming from the head of any organization is mixed, the troops cannot execute with any amount of precision. How does one communicate the marching orders when they change everyday? You cannot. Not effectively.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah Constraints Management Guru

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