Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Twofer now offers the second greatest book...

And in the spirit of giving, anyone buying two new copies from seller "consultski" online from amazon dot com (while supplies last!) will receive a prepaid $10 Starbucks card with the books.


First, to encourage you to buy the book. Second, to encourage you to give a copy to your boss, spouse, colleague (or fill_in_the_blank). Third, because it is the only book that I know of, other than the Bible, that will get the reader to take immediate action to improve the world around us.

It really is that simple. If everyone bought the book, actually two, in order to give one away, Christmas would be a time of a great revolution in America. One of success. Of victory over whatever circumstances have stood in your way and the way of those close to you.

Every time I read the book, I learn something new!

For years, I have toyed with the idea of opening a kiosk at the mall and selling copies of Purple Curve Effect. There would be a section of the kiosk devoted to "Success in Business" and, you guessed it, nothin' but copies of PCE. Another section on "Success in Marriage" with, yep, copies of only PCE. A section on "Victory over Adversity"... and more Purple Curve Effect books!

I have the rough draft of the sequel: STARTUPS: The Purple Curve Effect, but I want to take every opportunity to promote the original startup "leadership" guide. Once the first printing is gone, only eVersions will be available. And that should occur by year's end...

So, the time is perfect. To own your very own copy.

Or two. Is it better to give...

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