Sunday, November 11, 2007

Startups: The Purple Curve Effect

NOTE: This is the draft of the first chapter of Startups: The Purple Curve Effect. The second book in the "Applying Common Sense" series by SKI.

STARTUPS: The Purple Curve Effect
by Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

Chapter One :: The Power of a List

Nothing like a hot shower to get the morning going. At least for me. Sunday. Again. Finally. As I dressed, the anticipation was getting the best of me. I started to race ahead towards the garage, but noticed the list posted on the glass patio door.

That view across the trees, out over the other wing of the complex, due east out to the Atlantic Ocean. Hilton Head Island will always be home. Hard to believe that just twelve weeks ago I decided on pursuing the new Cadillac CTS. I had been set on the Chrysler Pacifica. But with my return to consulting, the Caddy seemed more appropriate. A lot more fun to drive. Like today.

The List

1. Shower
2. Shave (yes, do it anyway)
3. Dress (never been quite that excited as to forget, but just in case!)
4. Check weather channel (I hate surprises)
5. Take computer
6. Leave Kimber 9mm home (crossing state lines)
7. Take shaving kit

Ah, the power of the list. How do people accomplish anything without one? Bottom line: they don't. I cannot believe more people have not picked up on that fact. That is why I made such a big deal of it in Purple Curve Effect. Oh well. As I opened the garage door, that new car smell overtook me. A deeply religious experience! Perhaps only to those of us in love with the American Muscle Car.

Black on black. Henry Ford got it right: any color you want, as long as you want black! With the fuel injected 304hp engine. Yokos bolted to the Craeger SS mags, a blast to my past when I could only afford two chrome rims for the RB. I discovered the Yokohomas for my first Merkur XR4Ti. Great tires for cornering.

The "RB" was a red & black 1968 Chevelle with a 396ci and 4-speed transmission. I remember saving my pennies for that Mr. Gasket V-Gate shifter... and the cop's reaction on my first test run. No ticket. Thanks Manny. I think he was as excited about the V-Gate as I was! Those were the good olde days.

The look on Shorty's face when I ordered the black CTS was priceless. Was this the third or fourth car we bought from him? "Black?" Yep. Black. Now, here it sat. Freshly detailed just yesterday. And with a full tank of petro.

Just 263 miles to Daytona Beach...

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