Saturday, April 07, 2007


Systems Thinking from the Equal Rights state

Another one of those long winding adventures of the internet kind, lead me to this blog post about the importance of holistic thinking. Colonel Bruns got it right: you should not double production without a plan to double sales!

Might I suggest that to WyoSpace that our Boyd Speakers Bureau comes complete, with three masters at systems thinking. H. William Dettmer will be added to the roster soon. In fact, he might just be the perfect keynoter for your September 2007 Idea Expo. Dettmer wrote the book on Eli Goldratt's holistic methodology known as the Theory of Constraints.

Of course, Dan Hanlon might be a great fit as well. His dream led to the Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Company. Several years of planning and raising over $100 million gave birth to an American icon: the Super X.

Better still, might be Dr Lisa Lang. Her Mafia Offer Boot Camps have saved businesses from extinction for the very reason Colonel Bruns mentioned: the disconnect between Sales and Production. And the lack of cash flow.

But I digress... if your organization needs a world renowned speaker to help draw participants, and you understand the value in great stories of success from people that have led multi-million dollar efforts, then you should visit the speakers bureau.

Then call me for scheduling.

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P.S. I would assume that Colonel Bruns has heard of Colonel John Boyd. Have you?

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