Sunday, April 29, 2007

Upward Trends

What does your Sales Trend look like?

Up? Down? Flat?

Often, there is a little of each in a sales chart... but that was not the question. One of the problems of "being young" is the fact that it is wasted during our youth.

I love word association games. Brain teasers. Music. but I digress...

I was trying to ask what your TREND looks like. A trend has one and only one direction. Sales may rise or fall weekly (if not daily), but trends do not. They have a singular direction. At Throughput Press, we are busy. But that is not the same as making sales (and therefore money).

But you gotta sow in order to reap...

Few can look at a freshly plowed field and envision the bumper crops due at the proper season. Those that can are gifted in a very unique talent. Take one of my heroes, Jack Nicklaus, and his ability to see that approach shot stop within two feet of the cup. Before he selects the club. Speaking of "back chaining," what if he envisioned that perfect shot, then while enjoying the moment (still day dreaming), he looks at the club in hands (in the vision) in order to actually select it? Wow!

Now do you understand why I blog?

Not quite clear enough? At least not yet?

Stay tuned. "Things have changed" as Dylan says.

The other evening I broke bread with one of my dearest friends. It was an incredible experience. Religious. We have not had much interaction in the last few years. My mistake. No more.

Among the topics, business. Relationships. Life 101. Trends.

Maslow modified his hierarchy of needs, yet most of us still use the outdated version (five levels). As I recall, the sixth level was about "Transcendence needs". Helping others to achieve self actualization.

To prevent anyone from going away unsure why I blog (I am a master of vague), let me spell it out:
  • I have profited from reading the blogs of others
  • Often Blogs are 'personal' reflections
  • Want to know me better, read my blog
  • I blog, therefore I am (sorry, could not help myself!)
  • We all have a civic rent to pay
The first step in correcting your sales trend, is to determine its present state.

It's one and only state.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

P.S. Need help? Call me.

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All rights reserved.
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