Monday, December 17, 2007

Not going to use VistaPrint again

Place in the "no common sense" file...

I have used VistaPrint for years. Free business cards, just pay (inflated) shipping costs. Loved them. Promoted them to others.

Well, I ordered some new biz cards, and they were to be delivered on 12/12/2008 via DHL. Great tracking online (via DHL), but I notice that my package was last scanned in Atlanta at 2:11am on the 12th, and during the day, it has not moved.

Not a good sign.

I call DHL.

"No delivery today sir, fogged in at Atlanta. It happens."

Okay. But why is it not moving? Call them back on the 13th, as it still shows the last activity on the 12th at 2:11am. "As soon as it hits the next center, it will be scanned." Long story, short: today is the 17th and DHL says it last saw my package at 2:11am on the 12th. DHL assures me that as soon as it shows up, they will call me.

I do not fault DHL. Too much. I tried to explain that someone should look in Atlanta for the package, but they really did not appreciate my suggestion. They have procedures to follow.

So, I call VistaPrint today.

Suggest that DHL has lost the package, and ask them to rush a re-printing through their shop. Which, I thought to be a reasonable request. Silly me.

"Sorry sir, your 14 days will not be 'up' until tomorrow."

In other words, even though DHL lost the package, and has not scanned it since the 12th in Atlanta (and I am no where near Atlanta), they will not take any action until the service option I paid for —14 day option— they will ignore me. Normally I do not pay extra for expidited shipping, but really needed these cards sooner (rather than later). That will teach me.

"So, you are telling me that I must call back tomorrow, and report the shipment lost?"

Yes, that is exactly the course of action required. However, he was quick to point out that he would make a note of our conversation, so I would not have to rely all the details to the 'service' representative all over again.

How much customer service "common sense" does your organization have?

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