Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ballistix Event

Chicago Style Breakfast with Justin Roff-Marsh

Business can involve a lot of moving parts. It helps to have smart friends, especially when constraints move (and they will!).

At some point, sooner or later, your constraint will move to the other side of the line. The line that I ask every business owner to draw in the sand. The one where I instruct them to consider this remark carefully:
"Look at the line. Every business in America (probably the world, but I cannot say) has just one constraint. One constraint worthy of my attention. Worthy of your attention. On the left, the "internal" constraint. On the right, the "external" constraint. Which is your constraint?"

Pretty simple, right? For a reason. Boyd's OODA Loop. But I digress.

When (not if) your constraint becomes external, you will need help. Justin Roff-Marsh and Ballistix kinda help. I had a good friend and business colleague tell his staff this week that my forwarding this notice to him was the spark he needed to take another look at my recommendation (to investigate Justin's organization's breakthrough in Sales Process Engineering).

High praise indeed.

Click the photo to register. I am sure it will sell out.


P. S. See you in Chicago. My constraint just moved to the right.

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