Friday, December 07, 2007

The Darker Side of Passion

2008 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

This 304hp beauty is pure fun.

Life. Liberty and the Pursuit!

What are you passionate about? I would guess that I have owned close to one hundred cars. Not quite in my dad's league... but my heart is in the right place. Just as three motorcycles is about right (a bagger like the Kaw Vulcan Nomad, the Harley vRod, and the Buell 1125r), three autos is a great starting point.

For the road trip (300+ miles), I have yet to rival my Jaguar Vanden Plas. I still miss it, five years later. For boulevard stunts and late night Waffle House runs, the Merkur XR4Ti is still at the top of my list. Dated, methinks that the Viper might be a suitable replacement. Maybe not.

But for hopping around town or the short jaunt with the misses, the 2008 CTS has captured my imagination like no other. Cadillac took some of the sharp edges off, greatly improved the ride and handling, then refined the interior.

An American town car worthy of the chase.


P.S. I am thinking the expression ought to be something like, "Mom, Apple Pie, and a new Cadillac CTS in every garage. The New American Dream."

P.P.S. No. I am not (yet) a spokesperson for Cadillac. But I am available. Makes me think, I was reading about the Cannon Ball run in a biz magazine recently... what a thrill: walk into a dealership in New York city, buy a new CTS right off the showroom floor, and head out to LA. Setting a new record along the way. No radar detectors. No real planning. Just a quick trip across America. Oh yea, sorry, that would require one to exceed the posted speed limits. Never mind.

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