Thursday, December 15, 2005

world peace

For those that have seen my profile on, you know that I want world peace. Who doesn't, right? Well as we have learned, there are a few outspoken jerks that don't -- but most of us do. Now, there is something that you can do. A small step to be sure. But a valueable step. Please consider joining this effort. I can vouch for Cindi Reiman and the team at AHA. If she is excited about this project, then I am excited about it. Cindi is one of those rare women that actually bring out the best in people, regardless of one's intent to watch from the sideline. Larger than life, and one of the folks that will always make Hilton Head Island home for me, she really cares. I am 100% sure that the world is already a better place, because Cindi was here. So it is with pleasure that I recommend EVERYONE check out World Peace Passport. -ski
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