Tuesday, December 20, 2005

critical chain

Constraints Management meets Project Management If one could own only one book for any given author, this would be my Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt text. Actually, rather than a text, it is a business novel. It is set in a university or college setting. Most every business professional has found their way into a similar setting, no matter how briefly. It also deals with Project Management. Most everything one would like to accomplish in life, could be structured as a project. In Purple Curve Effect -- SKI's Throughput on Command, I suggested for those readers that catch the Constraints Management bug, Critical Chain should be their next, or first Goldratt book. For the reasons listed, and the fast pace that a business novel inspires. There is one more major reason: the Steel Mill example. In this day and age, as I am almost sure has always been true, there is much disbelief. Unwillingness to trust. Our collective trust has been violated as never before. And yet, I am going to tell you that there are silver bullets. Turn-arounds of unbelievable magnitude are possible in days. Yes, days. For years, I have approached projects with a "90 day mindest." Dramatic results have been delivered during these adventures. Goldratt's Viable Vision Offer explains to the diligent CEO how to achieve massive profits in just four years. But I digress... If you have not read this book, please put it on your list of things to do. If you want to create true throughput of staggering proportions, buy AND read it today. -ski
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