Sunday, December 04, 2005

tipping your movement

Which are you? Connector? Maven? Salesman? Malcolm Gladwell is a rare individual, applying common sense and logic where few have bothered to explore. His book, The Tipping Point, is a great business text. However, it was a little more than I could bring myself to read. So I asked a good friend, Ed McCullough to do so, and his review has become quite popular. Especially those familiar with Goldratt's TOC. Of course, his latest book, "Blink" is popular too. Since I had to shelf my magazine, TOCreview, some of the great pieces from it have been hard to locate. So, here is a new link to the review: Why did this article come to mind, at this point in time? I recently quoted Gladwell's article for The New Yorker, "The Talent Myth." Which should be required reading in every B School in the world... of course, it may already be required, for all I know! And this article caused me to search for my copy of Ed's review... Check "The New Yorker" archive for July 22, 2002 for the article. Of course Friday's post about throughput brought it to mind as well.


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