Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Speaker for Hire

Have SKI speak at your next event 2009: The Year of Focus Need a speaker to build a fire under your staff? Einstein said it best, "Small plans have no ability to move man to action." Yes, that is a bit of a paraphrase. But the fact remains, if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will only get more of the same. Time for a fresh approach.
"SKI's carefully audience-tailored talks are centered on business methodologies; choosing the right one or ones and then harnessing them to work equally as well for companies, service organizations or institutions. By drawing comparisons to the attendees’ own familiar business realms, SKI teaches through the example of his own real-life implementations... Audiences will benefit from his sharp and honest appraisal of not only what went right, but what to avoid."
What obstacles does your organization need to stare down? -ski ---- Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah tag: ©2008 LLC. All rights reserved.
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