Sunday, November 09, 2008

More on Leadership

The Truth about Leadership Dan Loichinger on Leadership I find some interesting and thought-provoking reflections on Loichinger's blog. And yet, he makes a statement that sends the wrong message (at least to me):
"That is, there is not one single idea, or group of ideas, that will eventually lead to success and fully engaged leadership in every organization."
He goes on to suggest that there is no silver bullets in leadership. Wrong. How long did it take for the world to accept the fact the earth circled the sun? Too long would be the short answer. Because the answer eludes, is no reason to pronounce final judgment. I claim that I weigh a certain amount and yet the truth is that I am constantly gaining and losing weigh second by second. Therefore, my stated weigh is an average of sorts. At best. There is, in fact, a single idea that leads to success in every organization. When the leadership within an organization fully adopts this focus, success results. However, as organizations by definition have human components, no single idea will ever transform all organizations. There is an expression among business consultants, "It is after all, his [or her] business." My overwhelming experience with organizations is in the context of privately held business entities. As employee, consultant, temp, founder and on many occasions as owner. Every business consultant with more than one engagement has seen the client make irrational decisions. It is a fact of life. It is after all, their business. When you own all the marbles, you get to decide. Books will be written on leadership until the very end of time itself. Every vantage point imaginable will be explored at great length... and yet, as long as the free enterprise concept of "ownership" exists, pure logic will never rule in every circumstance. So, should we give up? Of course not. But do not discount the fact that a single (and simple) silver bullet does in fact exist. Freedom of choice. It is the spice of life. Business too. -ski ---- Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah tag: ©2008 LLC. All rights reserved.
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