Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dream Big or stay home

Hemi Orange Dodge Challenger

2009 Hemi® Orange Dodge Challenger

Sundays are for dreaming big dreams... as Les Brown says, don't waste time on the "how" but spend that time on the "what" that will inspire you to take action.

He goes on to say that few folks aim high enough for fear of missing; most aim too low and hit their targets! How to break out of the Status Quo?

Dream big dreams.

The local Dodge dealer has a new 2009 Hemi® Challenger on the showroom floor. Wow! This is a great looking car to those of us that grew up in the heyday of the American muscle car. I recall my 1967 GTO falling to at least one 'Cuda back in the day. One 340ci Red 'Cuda in particular comes to mind... we left the line together (both stick shifts with some tire spin) as the light turned green. When the other guy hit second gear, it was as if his 'Cuda jumped straight up into the air and ran off into the night, never to be seen again. But I digress...

Back then, I was raised on the Chevy brand. Loved my small blocks like the 327ci with "hump back" heads in my 1965 Chevelle. Or the 350ci in my 1972 Camaro. And yet both my '67 and '68 GTOs (both had the 400ci engine) hold a sweet spot in my heart. Plus there was the 396ci 1968 Chevelle 4-speed to which I added the Mr. Gasket V-Gate shifter.

Why buy a retro and restore it when you can buy a brand new Hemi® 'Cuda?

Sorry, I meant Challenger.

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