Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reality Check by Kawasaki

Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki One of my favorite business gurus has a new book out. Another "must own" from the master of entrepreneurial savvy. On a recent podcast I heard Guy say this effort was his "Management like" book, a reference to Peter Drucker's 600+ page Management book that was:
"The essential book on management from the man who invented the discipline"
Guy was careful to not suggest his work was as important as Drucker's. Allow me:
"Reality Check is the essential book on entrepreneurialism from the man that sets the bar on its current state: Guy Kawasaki" —Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey
Get your copy. Do it today. -ski P.S. One of my favorite quotes from Guy (paraphrased) says, "Of course it is impossible [what ever the challenge], right up to the minute the entrepreneur accomplishes it. That is what an entrepreneur does, he or she accomplishes the impossible." ---- Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah tag: ©2008 LLC. All rights reserved.
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