Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New feature: Say What?

SKI asks: Say What? That can't be right Listening to talk radio this morning, the crew shares a story from somewhere (or, maybe they made it up!) that I am hoping that I heard wrong. You know the kind of thing you hear out of one ear, and strain to catch with the other... something that if you were talking in person, you might request a little more clarity. As in: "Say what?"
PE man (President Elect) may need a second term to fix the economy. Seems it might be "too big a mess" for our super hero to correct in his first term. So we should be prepared to grant him a second term to continue his efforts?
What efforts? Did I miss the part where PE man has already done some great work on the economy? The only headline I noticed was the obligatory conclusion of a smoke filled room promise to make The Hilary our next Secretary of State. Is it possible that PE man is not aware the true costs of honoring that decision? Here is a great video on YouTube (at least until The Hilary gets it removed) fore telling her approach and ability to deal with challenges: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq8aopATYyw -ski
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