Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Les Brown on Robert Roots

Les Brown opens my eyes to Robert Roots Three Little Pigs book Robert Roots, Prepare for the Wolf Ever hear something new on an old recording? Yesterday, taking with a good friend, I mentioned Les Brown. Les is my favorite motivation speaker. Period. He will get me to do things that others cannot. For me, it does not get any better than Les Brown. But I digress... Well, as I listened to a session by Les this morning over coffee, I heard him make mention of Robert Roots. I must have heard this recording 50 times. Maybe more. But this passage hit me like never before. One of those, "When the student is ready..." moments.
"Your success is not based on what you need, but what you have!" —Robert Roots (paraphrased)
Does that get your attention? It did mine this morning. Ever explain away great opportunities because you felt that you lacked the resources to make it happen? I have. Too often. This morning, I made a decision to allow it to happen a lot less! Who gets your attention? Who drives you to achieve more than you thought was possible? Mentoring is not about physical proximity, it is about nurturing that flame of passion within each of us that needs just a little bit of direction and yet, a lot of pouring gasoline on that small flame in order to ignite the bonfire within. If my book has done that for you, please add your review to amazon dot com. -ski P.S. Did I mention the PDF of Purple Curve Effect is free? Now what is your excuse? ---- Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah tag: ©2008 LLC. All rights reserved.
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