Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wisdom :: Mike Murdock

Who are your mentors?

One of my heroes, is Mike Murdock. His web site is overflowing with profound thoughts on wisdom. I have heard him live and in person on a couple of occasions. Most excellent.

In the process of doing some office cleaning (more reorganizing than actual cleaning) I found a small (in physical size) book that Murdock wrote, Secrets of the Journey - Part I. So I flipped through it, and this passage caught my attention:

Reading affects your thinking
Listening affects your feelings
Reading affects your mind
Listening affects your emotions

This helps explain (in a small yet powerful way) why I love my iPod. I have created podcasts of my TV interviews with good friend, Ed McCullough and have been listening a lot of late to the most recent episode of Talk of the Town.

I shared the actual TV broadcast via the web (on SKI TV) with some friends, and one remarked how good of an interviewer Ed was, and how knowledgeable he was on Constraints Management fundamentals. In case you did not know, Ed was a partner in one of my old adventures ( LLC) and wrote the landmark book review of Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point. In the review, written shortly after the release of Necessary but not Sufficient, Ed applied the tenets in Gladwell's book to the characters in NBNS. Great stuff... but I digress.

If your iPod is not full of podcasts, might I suggest that you are not really serious about the success of your business?

Too strong a statement?

Sorry. Life is too short.

Was it Col. John Boyd that said, "The victory goes to the wise?" Maybe not. But he was a big fan of reading. I would expect that he read King Solomon's thoughts on war, like this passage:

"For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war:
and in multitude of counsellers there is safety."

—Proverbs 24:6

Thanks Mike, for reminding me how important the spoken word is to our mental health and attitude. Your efforts are appreciated.


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