Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Good News

Clarke offers us another chance to think...

Guess what? Every time that someone knows something that another does not, they crack a smile in disbelief. For example, when my google alerts pop up a job req searching for talented souls with experience in one of the fields I watch closely, I am amazed.

Recently, in the project management space, a job req needed a PMI certified manager that could multitask. How stupid.

Those of us that know better simply shake our heads... sometimes, I allow myself the pleasure of thinking ahead, and with my recent experiments in "day trading", I wonder about shorting the companies dumb enough to encourage bad multitasking. But I digress...

Thanks Clarke, your post offers one more ray of hope that maybe, just maybe, that the number one disease (that robs the world of the most of its potential productivity) might, just might, be eliminated in my lifetime.

Yea, right.


P.S. Not convinced? Continue to feel secure in the knowledge that the world is flat...

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