Monday, May 19, 2008

Pursuit of One

How many customers are you looking for?

Yesterday, I did a little time traveling, and held an interesting conversation with a shop keeper up near Northfield, Minnesota. You know, where the James-Younger gang ran into big trouble in the fall of 1876...

Well this shop keeper and gambler, Luke Short happens to have an "Old West" antiques business on the internet. Go figure. Time travel is like that, quite unpredictable! But I digress.

Seems he met this guy with a nice collection of "stuff" for sale, and now has this "Jeche Collection" listed on his store front. So far, so good. But Luke goes on to tell me about this great oil on canvas painting of Chief Iron Tail by artist David Humphreys Miller. This is the Indian that the US Mint used for the "Indian Head" nickel.

Well, it is kinda pricey for me, but I am thinking that there is at least one buyer somewhere, that would love to have this portrait of Chief Iron Tail. But how do you find him or her?

Great question

No easy answers. However, a couple of thoughts come to mind. Is there a town with a museum that might feature other memorabilia of the Chief? If so, you might try to contact a local antique store and offer to partner on the sale. But that is not very "internet" like, is it?

What about other sites that already have traffic looking for Chief Iron Tail photos and such? Better. We could reach out to one or more of them, and that may not be a bad idea. But again, that sounds like Luke would have to share his commission. Not the best approach methinks.

Enter google

I was trying to explain to this old west legend about this fancy contraption known as "the net" where he had staked his claim for his store front... how that a number of years ago, one company seemed to leap frog everyone else: google. How its stock was selling for over five hundred bucks PER share. All based on this neat technology it bought at a garage sale.

Luke's eyes flashed me this big old grin, and he said, "Now that, I can understand!"

Everyone loves a bargain. And so it was he related, that this oil on canvas painting was worth every penny of the asking price, and perhaps, even more. But again he asked, how do we find the guy looking for it?

google AdWords

If a buyer is looking for something, chances are better than ever that she is using google to find it... so, we just have to camp out on google's door step and wait. Well, maybe not exactly like that, but close. So I explained to Luke how we might craft an AdWord campaign to capture the attention of that one buyer... you know, our "pursuit of one" customer.

Would you like to know?


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