Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Apple Position

Finally, I took my own advice

Since buying my first Apple Mac (yes, I was on the waiting list in 1984), I have been a big fan. Recently, I made it official and became a stakeholder. I do not give investment advice. However, as a huge fan of Apple, I have blogged about its pros and cons over the years, and finally convinced myself that I ought to own a piece of that rock.

As noted in my previous post, I will begin listing a disclaimer when I am covering a company for which I may profit. Do I expect my two cents to make any difference in the stock price?


But it is better to mention the connection, than to have you guess.

I never want it said that I somehow mislead anyone. Those that know me, will acknowledge that I am often tougher on friends than my foes... so, you should expect to me to continue to highlight both the good moves and the bad moves that Apple might make. As always, this blog is my opinion... your mileage may vary.


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