Tuesday, May 20, 2008

google adWords :: Take Two

Purple Curve Insight #9

"Testing is common sense.
All companies on the Purple Curve test."

I have spent a small fortune (including some of my own money) on testing concepts on google via their AdWords program... like the example shown here from this morning. Probably going back at least four years. Maybe longer. I was a beta user of google thanks to Guy Kawasaki's old Rules for Revolutionaries listserver. It took a while before I gave up AltaVista completely. In fact, I still used them until google added the ability to use quotes around search phrases. I like to think my suggestion helped make it a reality. But I digress...

Yesterday, I talked about seeking out that one customer that is searching for you.

Today, some comments about our findings. First, our first ad pulled only 1 true "impression" based on a search of the term we selected. However, due to the "secondary" market where google places its advertising, we had over 10,000 impressions. And five clicks.


No, not the lack of results. The fact that like Thomas Edison, we now know of at least one way to NOT make a light bulb... or one way to NOT sell a $7000 oil portrait of an American icon. No, not Steve Jobs. Chief Iron Tail.

So, now you see the second attempt (above). We also changed the search terms to get better exposure. As a former software developer, I love the iterative ability to tune a marketing campaign with AdWords. You can circle around until the check is placed in the mail.

In a related matter, after several months of behind the scenes activity, I am pleased to announce that you too can benefit from viral or virtual buzz marketing:


My latest adventure to help my fiends make money now, and more in the future.


Focus. You need someone focusing on your marketing message. Someone that gets up each day with several hours dedicated to getting your message out into the world. Consider hiring my organization to help you do just that: get the buzz going!

So, if you need some focus, give me a call. Part of the results of my focus these many years in the Open Source arena is the ability to offer solutions that scale. So, if you need one or one-hundred and one trumpets for your brand, your new best friend is just a phone call away...


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